Monday, December 3, 2012

Welcome to my little world.

Welcome to my world where I unleash my imagination in the form of role play! I role play with anyone from any world. In my world there a place's were a named after ice creams, such COOKIES AND CREAMS and CHOCOLATE CHIPPIES. 

When you enter this world you will notice that ICE CREAMS is an big thing. The two places that I have told you about are very different, Cookies and Creams is a place were everybody  were's polka dot clothes, that goose to Chocolate Chippies as well. 

If you go to Cookies and Creams you will get a lot of Cookies and Creams flavoured ICE CREAM even if you don't LIKE IT!!!
If you go to Chocolate Chippies you will get a lot of Chocolate Chippies Ice cream but the different thing is that they don't fours you to eat it.

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