Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Before the day ends, I would like to wish my cousin a Happy 17th Birthday. Today a Angle was born, and was named Kayla, now that angle is 17, please bless her with many more years to live. Happy Birthday Kayla hope, you liked your present.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My New Haircut.

26th of December was the hardest day in my life. It was either 'Yes' or 'No'. I had to make the biggest chose of my life and that was to cut my hair, or not and I chose to cut my hair.
Check It out!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Congratulation Tonga High!

Displaying photo(3) (2).JPGI would like to take this time to congratulate Tonga High for winning Renewable Energy Project, Along with a grand prize of US$100,000. This awarded was awarded by Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The prize was given to a young female who attend Tonga High School. She represented her school by wearing her Tonga High School uniform along with the sandals. 

This was a big step for Tonga, and getting that money, I think would really help there school. Congratulations!

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I have been given the permission to use these photos. Photography by ( Inoke Finau Vala )

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


It was the night before I left, and as a treat my sisters took me out, along with her son ( Peni ) and my brother  ( Joe ). We first went to the temple, it was the first time I saw the Tongan temple. It looked exactly like all the the other temples. There then is a long, straight bold carving of a golden man. Who is holding a bible or a trumpet.  After taking a few photo's we left, our next destination was the blowholes.

Mapu a Vaea or "Whistle of the Noble" is the blowholes on the island of Tongatapu in the village of Houma in the Kingdom of Tonga. When waves crash into the rocks, and it goes into the hole, the reaction to this is that the water blows through and create a volcano-like effect. It is one of the highlights of the tours around the island of Tongatapu. It is called Mapu a "Vaea" is because the person who discovered it, is last name is Vaea.

The Picnic. ( Narrative )

The sun was shining on my face and drops of sweat came down my face. "Thanngg it is sooo hot." I said to my uncle. Looking around I saw my family have a enjoyable time. My aunty and I was making the food. Everyone was everywhere, weather it was doing swimming, jumping of the bridge or even making sandcastle's. The older ones were playing rugby on the other side. " Is it ready yet?" asked by cousin. "Soon" replied my aunty and I. With the heat rising from the BBQ I couldn't stand it. "Hey aunty, me and Lia are going to go for a swim"

"This goes here." I instructed my little brother. "Noo! Can we put this next to the big one." complained my brother. Building a sandcastle was harder than we thought it would be. Everything was going perfectly fine, until my cousin ( Lia ) saw someone kayaking. He was great, knowing it was only him on the kayak he was fantastic. Watching him, we were starting to wish it was us on that kayak.

All of a sudden the kayak man got his paddle stuck in the water. He was rocking the kayak side to side to try and pull out the paddle. Before we knew he fell out of his kayak. Thinking that he will be able to pull himself back into shore, we just stood there. My cousin and I saw him waving and screaming out for help. "What should we do Henley?" I asked. "We should go and get help." my brother claimed. Sprinting like cheetahs to our aunty we told her the bad news, calling her husband and telling him the bad news he ran to the speed boat, "Where is he?" our uncle asked "He is over there near the boi/boy". In rescue mode, he zoomed over so fast that the wave were getting bigger and bigger that he didn't even notice.

The boat came back. Everyone was clueless. Was the man okay, was he dead? did my uncle save him? There he is I said in the back of my head. The man was okay but his kayak looked as if it had just be plucked out from a sharks mouth. After all that mess we continued with our picnic. The food was ready by the time my uncle came back. “Would you like to stay and have something to eat?” My uncle asked. “Yes please.” he replied. At the end of the day we were glad that we found him in time.

Anna the Big Small Girl ( Narrative )

Anna was a quiet the girl she attended Junior Lake High. She was also to herself at all times, She had long ginger orange hair, that would change colour when her mode changes. She had big baby green eyes. She had a perfect body, but she wasn't popular in or around school. Hard to believe right? Her father John Aid Green was the top manager of the most popular restaurant 'Spice'. Her mother Jade Green was a stay at home and sow type of mum. (Which gives you a picture of where Anna gets her personality from.)  Anna was quite lucky that she was the only child. She had her privileges at times. But growing up those privileges slipped right out of her hands.

Although she wasn't popular at Junior Lake High, by the time she hit Senior Lake High, she was called ‘Miss Popular’ she figured , that if she was ‘Miss Popularity” that she could throw massive parties and invite the school. It was quite weird and unloving  of her to take advantage of her dad, and use his money and credit card to hold these parties. But he didn't really care, as long as his daughter was happy he was happy.

So little Anna went from being the loving and careing little girl, to a pretty much big time spoilt girl, that threw parties wherever and whenever. Anna held this act right through the year right to final year of high school. To celebrate the begging on the year she threw a party. After the party, friends stayed and helped pack up.

The next day when Anna went to school, she felt that something was missing, but she couldn't remember what that was. She felt that she had forgotten something, someone. Looking around she some students crowding her, commenting on the how awesome the party was the other night. She thanked them and walked away to use the little girls room. Standing in the bathroom she started in the mirror. Then she clicked, it was her phone. She went through her bag to see if she had put it in this morning. No she hadn't, first time. By the time school finished she went home to see if she had left it on her dressing table. Still no sign. “Mother have you seen my phone?” Anna asked her mum. 

Her mother stared at her puzzled, everything she did she knew that Anna would have not abandon her phone. “No I haven’t seen it anywhere, sorry darling” she said. Anna didn't really mind, cause she knew that her father could buy her a new one in an instant ( Seeing he was the top manger of the hottest restaurant ).The next day she found that her laptop had gone missing. She still didn't mind, cause, once again her father was sooo rich to buy her another one. Then a three days later something much more crucial and valuable had gone missing of hers, her grandmother's gold necklace she had handed down to Anna before she had passed away. They looked every where from the top of the house to the bottom of the house, still no sign of the gold necklace.

They came across to the last room. The basement. They looked around and saw light flashing from behind the washing machine. Mum, and Anna tried with all they’re muscle they had to push the heavy object away, and so they did. As soon as they pushed this heavy objects away, she immediately saw all of her things that had gone missing. Her phone, her laptop, and her granny’s golden necklace. Some other goods she had had went missing, things from when she was 2 years old. Like her softball glove sign by the Spartans, and her old little Dora the Explore Laptop. She grabbed the objects and put  into her arms and cried as memories flashed in her head. Realising that she was now a grown adult, she completely changed. 

While I was in Tonga I wrote story's during my free time, above is one of them.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Going to Inflatable world

I had the best time ever, having KFC for lunch and going inflatable world what can I say? Yesterday we had the best time at inflatable world, my little brother and I were first there. Running to the zorbs, we each grabbed one and in we were. We then went on ground 1 and 2, there we played on the longslide, the clumbing walll and the maze. At the end of the day we had a great time

Sunday, January 12, 2014


"AHHHH". My ears could hear echoing noises of people screaming, when the thriller ride ( The Fear Fall ) went down in a blink of an eye.  Shivering with anticipation as I was waiting in the long queue full of people, ready to go on the thriller ride. I gulped as the instructor sent me to my seat along with my friends. If you didn't know already, My mother, some of my friends from school and I went along to NZ's Premier Theme Park, Rainbows End. The lady instructed us to put on our seatbelts. She did last minuet checks and before I knew it we were, more that 100 ft off the ground. "Zoooomm". The fear fall drooped straight down. My hart was beating faster and faster, until the fear fall stopped just metres of the ground. I blew out my breath in relief as we were finally of this daunting ride.

I walked off the fear fall dizzy. In the corner of my eye, my attention was caught on the Family Karts. "Wahhh" I said. I ran to the line, unnoticeable there was no one else in the line. Running towards the kart, we hoped in and fasten our seatbelt. "1, 2, 3, GO!" the instructor yelled. My kart went zooming down the track, just about to overtake the kart in front of me until I saw the sign "No Overtaking". I stood on the brake, and the kart stooped just a inch from the kart in front of me. The final lap was coming to an end. We parked our cars in the driveway where the kart's were parked in the beginning.

Running past the log flume I set foot onto the invader with Sela and Rave. Just like the fear fall, the inspector made a last inspection to see weather our seatbelts were fasten properly. The invader started of slowly then as we approached the bump it started going faster. "WOOHO" I said in amazement. The rider was cooler than I expected. Thinking that we were going to fall of we survived. I got of and yet again I was dizzy,

It was 5pm in the afternoon and fun was just begging. All of the rides I went on during my time at Rainbows End was the Roller-coaster, Invader, Log Flume, Scorpion and Family Karts, Fear Fall,  Bumper Boats and Cars, and Goldrush, My favourite ride has to be the fear fall and the rollercoaster. I had a great time, and hopefully if I am lucky, I can go there again! We came home at 9:00.  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas in Tonga.

Wind blew my hair as we approached Veitongo beach. Lays of the sun reflected brightly upon our faces. The shimmering water looked clean and clear. I took one step into the sand, then I started running. Under the water it was cleaner than ever and clearer too! I dived under water and spotted a orange star fish, not to mention it was huge.