Thursday, October 15, 2015

Immersion Assembly

Term 4 is once again over, and as always we have started term 4 with another Immersion Assembly. During Immersion Assembly each team ranging from years 1 to 8 perform a skit, movie or show, displaying what they will be learning for the rest of the term. This term our school wide topic is PES Survivor's  - outwit, outsmart, outlast.

We started the day with a pep talk from Team 1, this term they are focusing on zoo animals, and how they have adapted to their surrounding, to extend their knowledge on zoo animals, team 1 are taking a trip to the zoo, along with Marika who was a contestant in the karaoke sing off and took it out.

Team 2 & 3 are both learning about dinosaurs, but there's a catch. Team 2 are learning about the backgrounds of dinosaurs and how they didn’t adapt too well to their surroundings, causing them to become extinct. Team 3 on the other hand are creating there very own dinosaurs.

Animals are based everywhere, and to prove that, team 4 are going on a world wide safari. Team 4 are taking a world wide safari, visiting places they never knew about, not only to learn about it but to also explore the wild life.

Humans are what make up the earth and this term, team 5 are not only learning about animals, but always humans. Humans have been on earth for quite a while now, but not everyone of us are the same. Humans have also learn’t to adapt to their surroundings, like myself I have learnt that the weather changes a lot, so it is important to have the appropriate clothing.

I can’t wait to see what this term brings!