Monday, December 3, 2012

Going To Tonga.

Tonga is a very hot place since it is close to the equator. Nearly everyday we need a fan. But at the beach it is cool and nice. Well, it should be since we swim in the cool and shimmering water.

Swimming in the blue sea I jumped up to to breath. As soon as I was ready to go under the sea again I spotted something, I looked at it curiously. I dived under and found myself starring at a blue fish with yellow fins.

Suddenly more fish appeared. Of course, I wanted to catch it so I got ready to pounce on to the fish. But it quickly swam away. Once again I tried but I still couldn't catch it. Another fish swam beside a rock so I leaped out of the water to breath.

When I felt cold and bored I got out of the water and lied on the sand. Blazing hot and bright the sun shone it's rays on to the crystal clear water. Watching the water glisten like a pearl I smiled gleefully.


  1. Wow Lesieli! Tonga sounds absolutely stunning!

    Do you think you can find a photo so we can see an example of this beautiful paradise you speak of?

    Miss Ouano :)

    1. Hey Miss Ouano,
      I sure will put a picture up of this lovely paradise beach that I was speaking of.

  2. Wow Lesieli,

    What a lovely beach. THe water looks very pure that i'll just wanna dive into it. You must've had a great time over there. Looks so great.NICE KEEP IT UP~!:)