Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Blog!

Four days ago, my blog turned 6. Which means I have made 600 post over the years. Happy Birthday Blog, you have grown so much. Happy Birthday!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Malaysian Airline Missing - News Artical.

Malaysian flight MH370 has been reported Missing. Flight MH370 was carrying 239 people quite a lot them were Chinese when it went missing on March the 8th. The destination for the plane was to land in Beijing, but instead it has gone into the depths of the ocean. 

Apparently there has been a underwater Robotic Submarine and has went underwater to find any traces of the plane.  The investigators sent the Robotic Submarine AKA Blue Fin deep into the Indian ocean, the ocean were it is believed to be at. Hopefully all your prayers will be answered and the Malaysian flight MH370 will be found.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fiafia Reflection.

Fiafia night. The one night where all cultures from everywhere such as Samoa and Tonga, right down to Bollywood and Asia get the chance to showcase their awesome traditional performance. But guess what! That is the exact thing that Pt England did.

We started off the day by having dinner at school, well most of us did. Then we only had 15 minutes for a wander around and then we were in our changing room getting ready to show the crowd what we have been practising.

Oh wait I forgot to introduce what I am talking about. On the 9th of March which is a  Wednesday we had our Biannual Fiafia night. The category that I participated in was Hawaiian along with my friend’s Mary, Quasia and Nikki.

Not only I participated in one thing I also joined Kapa Hake Senior. Which is a pleasure not only to be in the group but to open up our Fiafia group.
“It time for our children to go their changing room” Mr Burt announced. We made our way down to the resource and as we got there our beautiful dress were on the table. We quickly put it on, and ran towards the library. Our group then had a little karakia with Mr G and then we were of on the stage.

Walking up the stairs I felt butterflies in my stomach. We sang our first song with kaha. And then we had 3 more songs, the last song was a really catchy song because we did a haka at the end.

I left the stage with a huge grin on my face. After all I think that the was awesome, I would like to have a fiafia next year, most of the parents love it!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Show Not Tell Setting.

Mary kicked her blanket off sweat came rolling down her face. “Argh it’s so hot!” she yelled. She looked to the left and thru the curtain was a moon beam. She slowly stood up, still thinking to herself  she was still asleep, or was she awake.
She climbed down the stairs and there it was a freezer. Her little feet made happy feet slaps and ran towards the freezer. “Ahh, nice cold air.” she said.  She climbed back up the stairs and all she  could hear was crickets it was 4:25 and now she was really tired now it time to sleep goodnight!