Thursday, December 6, 2012


It was another boring Weather down her in Auckland, the sky was black and It was raining like crazy. It all stated when my friend said "It's so going to rain", then next thing you know the storm of the eye came out. " AHHH " " The eye of the storm run", Emmy said. Running as fast as I could I made to the shade. " Make it here before you will get ELECTRICAL by the eye of the storm".


  1. Hi there,
    Down in Auckland is up in Auckland for me as I live in the South Island in Wanaka. It must have been scary as your photo was of a very dark sky and all the photos on the Internet were of houses that had had their roof blown off.
    Thank you for sharing and if you want to visit my class you can visit our blog at...

    Hope you get sunshine and summer soon.
    Luke (Mr Dyer)

  2. Lesieli great recount - our school is really close to where the eye of the storm hit and I have not seen rain as heavy as it was today. We had to get all our children inside. Well done on great little story

    1. Hi Julien,
      Thanks for leaving this lovely comment. Did you know that you also had to get the kids to get inside. " Luckily I didn't get fuzzed by the eye of the storm.

      Make sure too leave me some more feed back!!!

    2. Do you have a class twitter feed Lesieli ? - Our classes do and were able to share the weather news really quickly - have a chat to @Dorothyburt about that. Hope Friday is going well for all of you at Pt England BTW I am having lunch today with Mr Burt

    3. Hi again Julien,
      Sorry but we do not have a twitter feed. My teacher says we are to young to get a twitter feed. I hope I will one day. And please say hi to Mrs Burt for me that will be great thanks.

      Keep making more Comments!!!

  3. Thanks for this report Lesieli. Today you were like a real live news reporter. I had been so busy in meetings that i didn't realise how serious the storm was until your blog alerted me.

    I love the way you are learning to get the news out quickly as it breaks. Well done!

    Mrs Burt

    1. Hi Mrs Burt,
      Thanks for reading my blogpost. I didn't realize how many people will comment on my blog until now. I think this is the most comments left on one single blogpost.

      Thanks For Leaving me this wonderful comment.