Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Developed 4000 years ago Kabbadi was created in India to develop self-defence. Kabaddi is a of Aggression, strength, defending, speed, agility, tackling, self-defence and more. It combines the characteristics of rugby and wrestling .

Kabaddi is a game played and formed under different names. Kabaddi was espoused during the 1936 Berlin Olympics, it was demonstrate by Hanuman Vyayam Orasarak Mandal, Amaravatio and Maharashtra. Kabaddi was first introduced in the Olympic Indian Games, at Calcutta in 1938. In 1950 Kabaddi came into existence and organized standard rules. The Kabaddi Federation of India was founded in 1973. 

Kabaddi is known by numerous name, Hadudu For (Men) - Kit-Kit for (Woman) in eastern India, Chedugudu or Hu-Tu-Tu in southern parts of India, and Kabaddi in northern India. Kabaddi is also popular in Bangladesh, Nepal Japan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

After being formed, the *AKFI Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India held it's first men's nationals in Madras AKA Chennai, while the females were being held in Calcutta AKA Kolkata in 1955. Given new shaped to the rules the AKFI has the right to modify them. 

Kabaddi was introduced in Japan in 1979 and was popularised. The AAKF Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation had Professor Sundar Ram sent from India to Voyage Japan for two straight months to introduce the game.

Kabaddi is a team game, two teams compete with each other for high scores by touching of capturing players from the other team. Each team, has up to players of 12, Seven are on court at a time and five are on reserve. The teams fight for high scores, defending and being offensive. The court is 12.50m x 10m, divided by a line into two halves. The game is 20 minute long for only 2 halves along with a break of 5 minutes.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Storyline Festival

This week both extension groups will be attending, the Storyline Festival where we will be seeing Juliette MaclverCath MayoJill MacGregor and Paula Green. Held at the Vodafone Staduim, it's going to be a fun day.

Juliette Maclver is an, a author who writes Picture Books for children. Maclver has always enjoyed writing since a child, but thought of becoming one. She had a hope to write a children’s book's at some stage thru her life, and when she did she found it , to be a Marvellous and Fun book. Maclver decided begin a writer would be an amazing job. Maclver is currently based in Wellington.

 Cath Mayo is an, writer who writes Children as well as Young adults book's. Mayo isn't only an Author but also a Musician, with a Band going by the name Gentel Annie. Born in the Maternity Hospital Auckland, born in the same room as a young girl name Penelope.  Mayo goes by the name Cathrine, but prefers Cath. Mayo is currently based in Auckland.

Jill MacGregor was born in Dunedin, but now living on the Kapiti Coast where she was a School teacher many years ago. In the 1990's MacGregor went to Tonga for 2 years, where she was a teacher at VSA. MacGrefor is a picture book author as well as a writer for journals. 

Paula Green is a poet and children's book writer. She has 5 written collections of poetry and has been awarded the University of Auckland Literary Fellowship in 2005. Paula edited the New Zealand best Poems and has been a judge in the NZ Post Secondary School Poetry Competition. Green is based in West Auckland.


Astria Countdown to Impact Day 2 - Created by Steven

It was the last lab before we were finished, and honestly we were not very happy. Even thou the game was over, we still wanted to continue with the game.  We were on to the Council room and we were very proud of our selfs, not only finishing within 2 days but also working as a team.

In the Council Lab there was nothing really easy. Everything that we had to do was pretty hard, especial when we had to pick up clues from the story and provide it to the council, it was very hard to remember. After 10 attempts, we finally saved the world using Sola Sail.

Calvin and I managed to cover the whole thing, like getting 100% in all areas. The only thing, that my Partner and I had troubles with was, towards the end of the game it started lagging, slowly processing. But at the end of the day, we managed to save the world.

Alger Bra

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ki-O-Rahi Explanation.

Ki-O-Rahi is a Maori tradition game that is popular not only in New Zealand but also known in other countries, like Europe and France. Ki-O-Rahi was created by The Legend of Rahi and Patupaiarehe. Patupaiarehe Rahi’s wife was abducted and was taken far into the woods, Rahi’s mission was to find her, and when he did, Rahi as well as the tribe that abducted Patupaiarehe, created the game Ki-O-Rahi instead of going to war. This game, is an on going game and is still around right to this very, both adults and children to play the game.

In the game of Ki-O-Rahi there a seven player on each team. Two types there non-tackle with tags as well as tackle. The game is played on a field a circular field with no outs, the main purpose of the game is to hit the Goal, more like the tetupu and to defend it by blocking the other team from hitting the tetupu. Ki-O-Rahi isn’t like any other game, there is no positions, but rules and, no more than five people can enter the circle, where you can hit the te tupu. Adults play tackle in competitions, but children play with tags.

The game Ki-O-Rahi is behind a legend. It is a story from back in the days. You could tell that the words used Ki-O-Rahi are connected to the story. Patupairehe stealing Rahi’s wife Tiarakurapakiwai, then Rahi trys to save her, is what the stories about. As soon as Rahi rescued his wife they decided to make peace, and there way of making peace was to come up with this game. In the game there are 7 cones surrounding the area they are called Pou’s which represents the 7 stars of Matariki. Te Tupu represents the rock where Rahi was trapped and Ara represents the pathway of the silver ferns.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Robin Williams - Weekly Quiz.

Robin Williams, was an American actor as well as an Comedian. Williams was born at Presbyterian St. Luke's Hospital, which is now Rush University Medical centre. Born of July 21st 1951 and sadly passed just recently August 11 2014.

Williams will be forever cherished and loved, he was a great actor. Thanks for being, in my childhood.

Suicide - Daily Posting.

Suicide has taken our young teenagers by storm. Suicide is not the answer to most peoples problems,  they should know it hurts not only them but members around like Family and loved ones.

Youth Suicide is the most common issue in all of New Zealand. Young people begin to think about, when they have really serious problems. Most teens who think of Suicide don't actually commit it, although the thought is very scary talking to people can help teens to cope and find solutions.

Suicidal thoughts don't just come out of no where, most people feel Suicidal for many reasons, such as Depression, Anger, Alcohol use, Emotional, Ageing and for most people Teasing. It's important to remember that when it comes to that, its best to get help for that problem.

Teens losing their lives is always, a tragedy due to the fact that their are people in our communities that can help a young person overcome, what teens this is impossible to overcome. There are a lot of people out there who are willing to help teens, but teens choose other options, like taking their life's.

If you are thinking about committing suicide, or if you are concerned about someone like a family member, it's important to see someone to talk to that you trust as soon as possible. Have you ever heard that quote that once said : ' Suicide isn't cowardly, want to know what is cowardly? Treating someone so badly, they want to end their life.' - Anonymous.

Astria Countdown to Impact Day 1 - Created by Steven

Astria Countdown to Impact, has just came out and we Extension are the first few students to try it. Today group B got the opportunity to play Astria Countdown to Impact, we started of with a few test's, then it was time to play the game. Calvin and I, were partners and to be honest, most of the parts wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

I found the first 3 rooms easy it was: Sola Sail, Kinetic Impact and Nuke were easy. Why? Well at first we were struggling, but then we got the hang of it, finding documents and clues were easy. Something that we were not really sure about, was the Council he was really picky.

The key area that Calvin and I managed to cover was Sola Sail, Kinetic Impact and Nuke, and now we are up to the last bit the Council. Overall I thought the game, was amazing it was fun and challenging at the same time. I am looking forward to playing once again tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Maths - Pegging Problems.

A. Which of your ways used the least number of pegs? 
2 = 28 Pegs.

B. Record and explain your findings.
Pegging Problems

Kahurangi Dance Group

It was just the beginning, and 2 ladies popped out from back stage telling us their story's. I was sitting there, fascinated how they could remember all they said. Their story's, their beliefs, their backgrounds and how the Maori people came to shape life. 

This week our school, was very fortunate we got the opportunity to see Kahurangi Dance Group, not live and in person. Powerful voices echoed all around the hall it was time to see Kahurangi Group perform, they weren't shy at all and to top it up they were amazing. 

Suddenly out of now where, 3 men came out with fierce faces. Our class's were surprised, one of Gentleman was playing the guitar while the other 2, were performing along with the 2 Woman. They sang songs, telling what they previously said. 

The performance was coming towards and end, and they were great comedians, especial the Men. They were funny, which kept us kids, as well as adults entertained. Over all the, performance was 10 out of 10. 

I also would like, to take this time to say an huge 'Thank You' to Ms Tito, who organized the Kahurangi Group to come. It was a great experience, and it made learn more about being confident, in front of huge crowds. 'Kia Ora, Ms T'

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekly Artical - Lorde 'Royals' Lyrics - Handwritten and Signed.

Lorde recently made a handwritten lyric sheet, of the New Zealand song 'Royals' and is up for grabs in a charity auction as well as Trade Me. Lorde is auctioning a lyric sheet, with the Play It Straight Trust which has, not only Lords handwriting but her signature as well along with her co-write Joel Little. The biding, is currently sitting at around about 4 Thousands dollars. A lot isn't it? The money will go towards the running of programmes for young New Zealand songwriters and recording artists.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Tukutuku Patterns.

A. ) Draw the next step in the pattern.

5 Steps.

B. ) How many crosses would the 10-step stairway have?
42 - Because  ( N x 4 ) + 2 = 42
N is 10.


A. ) Draw the next step in the pattern.
5 Steps.

B. ) How many crosses would the 10-step stairway have?
30  - Because ( N x 3 ) = 30
N is 10.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Weekly Quiz Artical - Usain Bolt

Usain St. Leo Bolt was born on 21st of August 1986 and is a Jamaican Sprinter.  Bolt is known all over the world as the 'Fastest Man' ever, Bolt is the first man to win the 100 meters and 200 meters, her also holds the world record for it. Bolt is 6 ft 5 and weighs 94 kgs. 

Bolt is also known to friends as 'Lighting Bolt' seeing that he is fast, that was a great nick name. Usain has been in more than 4 competition all over the world, he was currently in the Commonwealth games, were he placed 1st and got a gold in the 4×100 m relay.

Bolt is known for making a sign of the cross before racing competitively, Usain is a Catholic that is where he gets his middle name from St. Leo. Bolt doesn't only have love for running, but also love for his dancing. Bolt, has so much love for dancing his character is known as laid-back and relaxed.  


1. He leaped bursting the speed, the player hit the te tupu.
2. He thrusted the ball to the other player, bursting with speed the player hit the te tupu.
3. Bursting with speed the player, got tackled thrusting it to the other player. He hit the te tupu.
4. He ran around hitting all the cones, aiming for the te tup, finally the player hit the te tupu.

He leaped for the ball, running at full speed. He dodged the coming opponent, and ran towards the te tupu. Sadly getting tackled near the te tupu he thrust the ball to the other player. Bursting with speed the player  finally hit the te tupu.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Stan Walker.

Stan Walker was born 23 of October 1990 in Melbourn, Victoria. In 2009 Walker won the seventh and last season of Australia Idol, he signed a record with Sony Music Australia. In late December Walker, released studio album, including 'Black Box'. 

In 2010, Walker released his second album, 'From the Inside Out' which had his hit singles 'Unbroken' and 'Choose You'. The album came out number 1 in the New Zealand Albums Chart and number 2 on the ARIA Albums Chart. During Walker's career he has won 5 New Zealand Music Awards.
Stan Walker 2013.jpg

Friday, August 1, 2014

Diving Description - Explanation.

Our task was to make 4 sentences using the word 'The Diver Balanced' in all 4 sentences. Then we asked to chose on of the 4 sentences and use it, in making a paragraph. We only had to make 1 paragraph. Shortly after we had done our paragraph, Ms Squires read out a story, and we had to list down the Key words and re write the whole thing in our own words. Check mine out!

  • With concentration, the diver balanced steadily on the diver board.
  • Perfectly symmetrical the diver balanced twist and turns it was a clean entry.
  • Standing at the edge of the platform the diver was steadily balance.

Nothing on her moved except for her feet, the diver balanced

She climbed up the ladder with concentration steadily walking along the platform, she look towards the left side the crowd was waiting anxiously. The diver’s feet was on the edge of her platform, she look straight and then leaped off. Perfectly symmetrical she made gold winning twist and turns, what a clean entry.
Diving Explanation
Diving is an Sport, that is jumping or falling into water from a high Platform or Springboards, while performing acrobatics. Diving is a sport recognized and is part of the Olympic games. Diving is a pastime. Diving is one of the most popular Olympic sports that has spectator. Competitors sometimes has the same characteristics as a gymnastics dancer, which includes Strength, Flexibility, Kinaesthetic, and air awareness judgement. Some divers who are professional are divers we are normally gymnasts or dancers. These sports have similar characteristic to diving.

Catherine Latu - Athlete Presentation.

Assmbly - Drumming.

Walking into assembly I could see 2 loads of drums. One Cook Island drum, and one normal drum. What is happening? I asked myself, slowly walking to our seating place, I saw some of the Cook Island drummers. ‘Were probably going to have a drum off.’ I said in my head. I took my seat and look towards the front, another fun assembly.

We were up to the Duffy certificates. Every Time we had out Duffy certificates, we always have a special person as the Hand Shaker, and for today our Hand Shaker was Mr Sargent. There was 5 more minutes till the Duffy Awards were done. The last person got called up, ‘Finally’ I said in my head.

Mr Sargent made his way up the stairs, and that’s where the drumming begun. He first started of slowly, just to try get the rhythm of it, then it started going faster and faster. He hit the Cymbal and then he was done, ‘That was pumping’ I said in my mind. Then it was time for a swap over, it was island drumming now.

The Cook island drumming was great, nothing like normal drumming. The shapes were funny looking, but it was part of their culture. As soon as they started playing, I could see that they were tired, but no Sweat come from either players.

Once both groups were done, both played at the same time. It was terrific! At one point Mr Sargent, grabbed 2 of his drum set and dragged it towards the other side, then he started wobbling his legs, and shaking his hips. Perfecto!

Overall assembly this morning was great, we enjoyed both group drummers.