Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lesieli & Mary Algebra

a. How many sticks were needed to build the 5 fish patterns?

b. How many sticks would you need to build 20 fish patterns? (See if you can work out how many without making the pattern)

c. Explain how you worked this out.
6 x 20 = 120 plus the 2 sticks from the fish tail.

d. In a spreadsheet create a table that shows how many sticks are needed for up to 20 fish.

f. How many sticks would there be in 42 fish?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good Luck Boys!

I would like to take this time to say a huge 'Good Luck' to my two cousin that are competing in the Commonwealth Games this year. Oscar in boxing and Uaine in boxing. Make sure you represent Tonga in Boxing, do good boys! But all the best and come home with our trophies! 

I have got permission to use these photos.



Good Luck Boys!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

William.W Robert.TB Robert.B


What were the first team sports played at the Commonwealth Games?
Athletics, Aquatics (Swimming & Diving), Boxing, Lawn Bowls, Rowing, and Wrestling.

What is the Commonwealth Games Motto>

Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland?
Saint Andrew

Who are these famous Scots. Research and write a brief report about them.

William Wallace
Sir William Wallace was a Scottish, who became one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence. William Wallace was Born in 1270 Renfrew Scotland, Wallace was a son of a Scottish Landowner. Since Wallace was born around 1270, Wallace’s made efforts to free Scotland from England’s nations, just after a year Scotland lost there independents. William Wallace is a very famous person, after being a leader during the wars, he now has 3 statues one in Edinburgh castle, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and one in Aberdeen.

Robert The Bruce
Robert known as Robert the Bruce, is one of the most famous warriors of his generation. He was one of the Leading people in the war of Scottish Independence Against England. He gained Scotland’s place as an Independent nation. He is still a her up till now.

Robert Burns
Robert Burns, is known as a widely National Poet of Scotland. He is best known of the the poets who have written in the Scots Language. He wrote English, these writing where commentary, and was often bluntest.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Immersion Assembly.

Immersion Assembly wowed me again. This term we are learning about the Glasgow which is the Commonwealth Games. We watched the teams movies, which was presented to the whole school, I personally think that Team 5 and 4's was the best they did great jobs making their movies. At school we have two new teachers added to our Pt England Family, Ms Mckinnly Hage and Ms Ashe.

The Commonwealth Games, has more that 71 countries participating in this event. People from all over the world come face to face with people from everywhere.  The First Commonwealth Games was held in Hamilton, Canada  in 1930, and was only held in New Zealand 3 times 1950, 1974 and 1990.

Even thou Mr and Mrs Burt wasn't here to open up Term 3 it was still fun. I have to say, I think that term will go as expected.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sound Instructions - Drums.

Get a cylindrical container, *It has to empty. It can be anything Oatmeal container, Popcorn Tin, a raisin Jar.

Get the right balloon for your container. Balloons have different size’s, make sure that you get the right shape for your drums.

Cut off the mouthpiece, cut it a little bit below the huge bit. Once you have done, you can then discard the mouthpiece.

Stretch the balloon over the container, and make sure that there is some on the edge.

Keep the balloon on the drum. Once the balloon is nice and secured you the use a non inflated skinny *twisting balloon around it.  

Once you have finished, you can decorate your drum, by using coloured paper. You can also make little shapes to put it on the drum, make sure you have parent to help you on this bit! Look below, to find out how to make drum stick, it’ll make a great sound.

Try making a drumsticks, it’ll make a way better sound. To make it, crumple up a bunch of tissue papers, then tape to the end of a pencil and start hitting your drum, if you want to make another one, repeat this method.


Homemade drums, can be played anyhow. The drums, are just like guitars it has an hollow hole down the middle. Did you know when you cover the container with the balloon, it still can make an vibration how you say? Well the vibration is made when you hit the drum sticks against the drums, when you hit the top of the drum it vibrates, and that’s what pushes the sound wave’s to bounce around.

The homemade drums, can make different sounds. The bigger the container the lower the pitch is, the smaller the container is the higher the pitch is. Homemade drums can be made out of anything, it can be made out of plastic bags, as well as balloons.