Thursday, February 28, 2013

Omaru Creek.

This movie is of me and my map. It is telling all about it! I hope you Enjoy.

Big day today! ( Presenting )

This morning was really Scary. We got the new that we were going to Present to Treasure.
It was pretty good. I was thinking about Banana and that's what made me keep going.
But it turned out fun.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Is Oxygen Weed?

Oxygen Weed is Dark green it has little inedible fruits. It lives in the water, and it’s stalks sometimes submerges out onto the lake. It looks like a floating jellyfish but it’s actually floating on it surface.

At times it clinging to the edge of the lake. And did I mention that it is very long the stalk stays in the water and the face stays outside.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Enjoy your Play and Put it away.

This movie is about Putting away your Sport's Gear as well as taking care of it.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Going to the Novotel Hotel.

Today Me and my Brother went to the Novotel Hotel to be with my Dad. When we were there me and My Dad, had breakfast with my Mum! We had Scrabbled Eggs with hash brown. Then for Lunch I had Mash Potatoes with Steak.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Making a Model of Omaru Creek.

Today me and my group made a Model of the Omaru Creek. It was great after you drew it we painted it. It was real fun. It felt like I was in Year 2. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Going to the Omaru Creek.

Enjoying the Sunlight Room Sixteen, Seventeen, and Eighteen went for a Scavenger Hunt. At first I thought it will be Boring but it turned out fine. It sure was a long walk but, we made it there in the End.

As we got there Me, Josephine and Rave teamed up. We made a great team as we were looking for things that were written on the paper, that was given to us.  

Looking for Tree’s and Animals were the ones that we got stuck on.  When we found these things we went right down to where the river ended (AKA) where it was Damned. But Guess what? The river ended but the Path didn’t so we carried on to see where we will end up at.

We made it up to where the Tamaki College Entrance was. As we were going to run Back my Friend saw another path which leads to our Reserve. So we took that Path instead. Running made me tired so I walked really slowly and Finally made it back to school.

The Seed.

Once Upon a time there lived Two Tribes, the Scarabs and the Chafers. Between the two tribes was an Border, The border was there to show the distance between the two tribes, No one dared to cross it!

Suddenly something large fell from the sky. It was thought to be an Strange Object. The Scarabs study the object closely. The Chafers on the other hand, made sketches and notes.

The two tribes came to the same conclusion it was 100% Cherry Stone.  And a Cherry stone is a seed that if it would be planted in the ground it will grow into a great Tree.

There was only problem, the cherrystone had came to land right on the border, so that meant that no one could claim it. The two tribes tried to Pull and Pull but the stone did not move.

Then as the two tribes came to have a war they noticed that the stone was no where  to be found. As they were walking along looking for the stone saw a Cherry Tree.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Waitangi Day!

I would like to wish everyone an Happy Waitangi Day ( The Birth of New Zealand ).
Watangi Day is a day to remeber those who came to New Zealand ( Aotearoa )
to find there people a Life. 

Having a T shaped classroom.

Having a T shaped classroom was the first thing I had in mind. At first I thought that they will just Roll Out the roller doors, But we had to come together as a classroom. So in the three classroomes are three differnt ares, so the area that we come all together to is the big Mat witch is in Room 17 ( Miss Graden ) And our Maths, Reading and Writing teacher's are differn. Wow isn't that fun!

This is what my classroom Kindaa look like!

First Day back at School!

"Wow what a day it has been" I said to my Mother. While sitting in assembley I noticed that there were alot of new face's, " Wonder if I know them" I said. As I walked outside Mr Burt grabed me and toled me some great new's about my blog. Then as he assembly came to a end we sat sittle as our names were called out to go to our new teacher. My Teacer is Mr S.

I love my new classroom. I love how it is joned together.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My New Classroom.

I am glad to say that I have been welcomed to Room 16. I would like to say a huge huge Thank You to Miss Ouano for putting me in this class. And as you all know I am also with Josephine, Quasia, Rave, Deserae, Rebekah.