Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Future Aspiration.

Iavana Seuala - Manurewa College, Succeed, Confident, Paid Money, Motivational Speaker

Anthony Samuels - To Me Haro Hoki, You are Amazing, What Now, Confident, Your Past does not have to determine your Future.

Amelia Unufe - Studying at AUT, One day want’s to have her own Fashion Label, Brothers were Gang associated, Middle Child, Had the dream of graduating from Uni first.

Paula Fakalata -  I have a dream, “I'm not scared of you not succeeding, I’m scared of you not trying”,

Andrew Patterson - MC of the day, Host,


The end of the term has nearly came to an end, and it’s time to figure out our paths. To help us determine our futures our year 7 & 8 Seniors, were lucky enough to get the chance to participate in a little pep talk on Future Aspiration’s.

‘He sat around doing nothing, grades were low and expectations were high’ Give it up for Ivana Seuala *Video* Attending Manurewa Collage, Master Ivana is now a world sensation, getting paid to talk, being a confident speaker, Ivana can now can call himself a successful student.

Starting at Year 7, Ivana attended Manurewa Intermediate. Mr Seuala had no hopes. He came home everyday to his parents word of courage ‘Seee sole Ivana be the best you can!’ Be Side's from going to school every single day to see his friends eat his lunch and have a good time, he wasn’t really learning anything.

The year nearly came to an end and the report’s started kicking in, Below Standard, Below Standard, Below Standard, Below Standard, Below Standard, but wait Well Below Standard was all that was said in Ivana’s report. Still his parents encouraged him, ‘Be the best you can Son’ ‘OMG If only looks can KILL’

He was in to form 2, and had to strive for the best because it was his last year. Beside from going to school to see his friends, he learnt things. The mid year report came in, and his progress was getting there. Finally it came to the last term, and the reports came in.

It was like an whole new Ivana, no more Below Standard's his marks were high, and his parents were proud. Something that I learnt from Ivana, is that so matter what life take you thru keep trying and never give up.

‘Father of 3 boys, was on what now. Put your hands together for Mr Anthony Samuels’. After 10 years of working as an actor on What Now, Mr Samuels is a father to 3 lovely boys, all attending Pt England and a wife to Mrs Samuels.

To Be continued ......

Monday, December 1, 2014

Symbol - Mini Project

Lately in extension, we have been learning the Symbol's and meaning of things. I finally got the opportunity to make my own Symbol's and future tattoo. Of course I am not getting a tattoo, but it was just an great experience to do, I would love to see one of my designs as a tattoo in the future.