Sunday, December 23, 2012

School Holiday Reading.

Once there was a little reindeer named Glitzy. Glitzy always wanted to ride on Santa's Sleigh ever since she was little, but she never could. Every Christmas Glitzy would want to fly sky's and deliver presents all around the world to the kids who have been behaving there self's.

Glitzy was sad because all of the other reindeer's were able to fly except her. One day Glitzy decided to take traning Camp, she always felt left out but she didn;t know she was the best in her class.

One dad Santa came to Glitzy and asked if she could fly in front of his sleigh because Rudolph was feeling a bit sick. Glitzy was overwhelmed with joy!. She was so so so so excited because all her hard work paid of.

Glitzy and the rest of the Sleigh saved Christmas!.


  1. WOW! Lesieli,

    I really loved reading your story about Glitzy the reindeer. I thought this is a really interesting story and really enjoyable. Also I really like the reindeer picture.

    By Rave

    1. Hey Rave,
      Thanks for the lovely comment. And hey check your email Miss Ouano sent us some things to do in the Holidays. Have a great week , And have a Merry Merry Christmas...

      PS : Lesieli

  2. Hi Lesieli,
    I really love your awesome story. It was so cool and I cannot wait to see more from you!!! Keep it up!

    1. Hi Quasia,
      Thanks for your lovely comment. And thanks for incuring me to write more!. I have been too busy to write more but I will try to.

      Keep up the gret Comments.