Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Science Roadshow.

Wouldn't it be fun to discover interesting things about yourself that you never knew about? Like how food goes thur your system. What kinds of things that are in your system, and how much negative things come out of us. Thursday morning, Class 4 as well as Class 3 walked down towards Tamaki Collage. Waiting outside of the auditorium I couldn't wait to see what they had ready for us.

Walking into the Tamaki Collage hall, we saw asortments of stands. Not just anykinds of stands science stands. During our teaching time there, one of the staff/teachers grabed 3 volunteers. The frist volunteer, had to blow through a tube to see how much air was in her lungs. Defenetly, I was expecting that the volunteer would have heaps of air in her lungs, but really she/he didn't. While she was blowing the air out, the colour of the liqud was slowly changing. 
That was pretty incredble!
          *I don't remember who the frist volunteer was. 

The second volunteer was Auri, the question was how TALL would he be when he is 2⃣0⃣.  How did we find out? Well the teacher each had app installed in their phone, which was called 'Size me Up' and it would tell you. So we entered His age, how tall he was at that momment and his name, we then pressed enter. The result came, and we saw how tall he was going to be when he turned 2⃣0⃣. It's probaly not true, but we shall wait for the future.
PS: I think that he was just 3inchs higher than the height he is.

After a few experements with the teachers, we got the oppertunity to viwe the asortment of stands. My favorite stand was the 'Foot Piano' insted of using your hand to play an piano, you could always use your feet. Overall I thought that the Science Road Show was awesome, I enjoyed every bit of it. Hopefully we will get the chance to got there again.

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