Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Traveling!

I know that this, is a late, post! But I would like to say, Safe Travelling, to our school leaders. On Tuesday, after our visit to the lovely Langham Hotel, we got told, that Mrs Burt and the rest of the leaders, were traveling to Australia Melbourne, to represent our school! All I wanted to say, is safe Travelling, and Welcome Back Home! 

The Blind Side!

The Blind Side, is a American Film that is written and produced by John Lee Hanko. The movie is based on a boy called Michael Oher ( Quinto Aaron ), that spends, most of his life time in foster care, the reason, for this was because his mother was addicted to drugs. Every time, he sleeps , at a new house he will always, end up running away! Watch the Movie or Read the book to find out what happens!

My New Ipad Mini Cover!

As you all know I am a collection freak, and I love to collect al sorts of things, and that includes iPad Mini covers! Today, my father came, and when he come's he always, gives us pocket money! And today, he gave us 400 dollars. We first bought me and my brother some Converses, and Vans, as we were walking around at Sylvia Park, I remembered about my new iPad cover! Turning into FOREVER NEW, I saw a lovely cover!!! 

Thank You Mum and Dad

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Going Eden Park!!!

On Thursday, my family and I, went to Eden Park! What for? I hear you asking. Well, on monday, we got a letter, saying that my brother ( Joe ) got selected, to go on OPC ( Outdoor Pursuit Camp ) and we were so delighted! 

When we got there, we saw that there a lot of people already there. Going through the doors, one of the servers, told us to go up, the elevator and up to level 6, getting there, we saw people from all sorts of school's. 

As it was just about to start, on of the Polices, lead us to get some light sapper. I got chips and Sushi, and a cup of juice, as we were eating, on of thee leaders, told us to watch the TV so that we can see the things, that they are going to participate in. They showed, how they are going to walk across a thin line, and how long they have to swim!

Then as we were watching, one of the helpers, skipped it to the bit about great Barrier Island, when we were starting to watch she stopped it because we saw one of the biggest fishes!!! Yes, they said that when they get to go great barrier island, they will see........ Whales!!! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Going to Kelly-Tarlton's!

On Monday, the 1st of July, Team 4 ( Rm14 Rm16 Rm17 Rm18 ) are going to the best place in the world! Where I hear you asking? Yes, yes we are going to the one-and-only Kelly Tarlton's! Getting the new's, that we were going on a trip, I thought that we were going to any old place like MOTAT. But, it turd out that we weren't going to MOTAT, we were going to go Kelly Tarlton's!  I can't wait to go! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Being at the Langham Hotel!

 Tentatively, I opened the door, and expected a huge, crowd. But insed I saw a fabulous, Old fashioned Hotel! Guess what, Yes it happend, the Ambassadors, and I went to the one and only, Langham Hotel! Making our way to the stage, I sat there and felt like is was going to be a little crowd. But, at that time, that's when everyone went walking in. "I'm scared" I whispered the Sela!

Talking to the visitor's, we  noticed that there, were down the back " Follow Me " said one of the girls. Making our way to the back, one of the girl's told us that they have prepared, some morning tea for us. Juice, Cupcakes, Brownies isn't that the best thing to have for morning tea?

 I loved my time at the Langham Hotel, and the
people were very kind, they lead us everywhere, and they gave us a great Morning-Tea. All I would like to say is thank you for letting us be there, I hope that we get to come again! And by the way, I loved the Bathroom's and the Robots!

Special Thanks to Langha Hotel and the Servers! 

Antartica Wildlife!

Antartica Animation, By Lesieli from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This animation, is about Antartica, in this little video, I am talking about penguins, and about the history! I made this to show my understanding of our topic ( PSI ) ( Antartica ) ! I hope you enjoy watching my animation!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Maori Language Week!

This week is Maori language week, and as part of that we have a competition! In our competition, we must speak some words in Maori. These are the options of making that movie! we can either show people how to cook, spell or even pronunciation! The winner’s class get’s to eat pizza

PS: Only for students at Pt England School.

More About Me!

Hello, its me Lesieli! I'm a BIG huge little mix fan. Its so interesting that my friends and I, are mixers too. We love to talk about them all the time:)  Their music wings inspired us to be like them. ''aaahhh, what a dream to meet them'' I am often , kind , weird and awesome so are my friends!


I am now enjoying, making my Icy New World! I first started by creating, a house, I then made a little garden, in another world, after making that I noticed, that it raining ( It was raining on Mind-Craft ). I then made, a bed and went to sleep!! Here is a snapshot, of my Icy Land!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Welcome Back Elder Maasi

Two year ago, my cousin went on his mission, if you don't know what it means It means, when people represent our Heavenly Father, all over the world. Yesterday Elder Maasi ( Christian ), returned from Philippine , after serving his mission, and it was such a emotional time! As a way to say welcome back we put on a huge church dance for him. And as part, of that his little sister did a welcome back dance!!! 

Welcome Back Cousieee! 
The sister is the one the in the Purple, with a Rose Jacket out side!!! 



Friday, June 21, 2013

Mindcraft, on my Ipad!!!

OMG, Can you believe, I just downloaded, the one and only Mindcraft, on my iPad!!! And it was so cool, I first started, by making my Icy Land, I then, made shelter, for my person, to live in. After doing all that stuff, I felt like I needed to write a blogpost about it!!!!

A am now downloading the full version! 


Thursday, June 20, 2013


This is My presentation, about Matariki. I wanted, to make this to show my understanding, of Matariki. And also, to tell Mr Marks!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I would like, to take this opportunity, to say Sorry to our teacher ( Mr Somerville ). Sadly, on friday, Mr Somerville, got told, that one of the most crucial members in there family, passed. And it was so, hart-breaking. I'm just writing, this to say, that our thought's and prayers, are with you family Mr S, andwhatever happens, Room 16 will always be there for you!! 

Love from Room 16 and Teacher. 
Rest In Peace. With sympathy  </3 


Once a year, in the winter sky just before dawn, Matariki signals the Maori New Year.  On the 22th of June, the 7 sisters shine bright,  to remember the dead, and celebrating new life’s. Matariki is the Name for the cluster’s of stars, also know as the Pleiades or the Seven Sisters. The 7 sister, are called : Waiti, Waita, Tupu-a-nuku, Tupu-a-rangi, Ururangi, Waipuna-a-rangi and lastly Matariki!

Maori People say, that if you cook, food and it came out fabulous, it would be a good year, But if it come out very weird, it looks like it not going to be a good year for you.

When the 7 sister, come out, Maori people traditionally have a Celebration! And they have a huge celebration. Having a Hagi and Commemorating together, they always find, a way to end the day peacefully!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mr Kaitly!

Today, we had a reliever in the class, and it was such a great pleasure! His name was Mr Kaitly. When he first walked in, I thought, that he look a bit weird, because he was wearing, very weird shoes! But, the more time we got the spend with him, we found out that he was not, weird at all!!

In our maths groups, he told the group, if we get out all our name on to the GOOD list, we will be able to play a little game outside! Determined, to get all our names on the board, we did as we were told!. Telling us what we had to do in sign language, we knew that we were going out for a game. In the end, we all played games, and it was so so fun!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My New Hairstyle!!!

Last night I stayed up, looking for a new hairstyle, and by a long way, this hairstyle caught my eyes. It was called the Ashley Tonga Wrap!!! Grabbing the towel, I wrapped it around by hair, Look and the photo!!!  

Saturday, June 15, 2013


OMG, Can you believe it, i have just raced the teacher on Xtramaths and I have got, 45 smilies, in one go. I recon that, this is the most smiles that I have got, this year. You can visit this website at :!!! 

Friday, June 14, 2013


Can you believe it! We are using mine-craft for learning, isn't that incredible! Well, today we got the news that we were going to use Mine-craft!! But, we are using it for a really good reason. Our teachers wanted to know more about our topic, so they decided that we could use Mine-craft to create things like Antarctica Mountains and more!!! Make sure to keep visiting to see if I have a Antarctic world on mind-craft!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


This week in extension, we have been doing some INVESTIGATING!! What On? I here you say. Well, we have been Investigating, what are the things that we could change, in our school, and how we learn digitally! I am investigating, On Chrome-books! The reason why I wanted to know more about Chrome-books, is because I have a friend who has, a chrome-book, and I wanted to know if affects you friendship, with your friend that has a Chrome-book and you don't. For a fact, it doesn't affect me and my friend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Wow, I never thought I would say this, but I am so addicted to Xtramaths! Since we have to do it everyday, I thought it would be a good ideal to do it at home too. Whenever I come I am always on it, my mum says that I need to get into reading, because I already know my maths, but I just do my maths!! Here is photo of what I got today, during my time at home!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Did you notice the blogpost I made about getting more visitors on my blog? Well if you have here are the result. As you can see, my visitors on my blog have been lifted, from 19 thousand to 20 thousand that is so amazing, I am so proud of myself!!

Exams Are tomorrow!!

"Ahhhh" could you believe it, the year 5-6 extension group, are having there first Exams for this year, and we are really looking forward. Today the year 5-6 extension group got called to the E-Learning  Centre, for a quick meeting, about what is happening on Wednesday! ( Tomorrow ).

We first go told that we were have a science test, practising the questions, we got the chance to sit the practise questions. We first started by doing a 10 question test, we then cared onto the year 5 paper. Overall, I would have to say that I am feeling confident, for tomorrow!  I can't wait, I have been practising all night for this!

Kid President!!

What a inspiration you are! Today, Mrs Burt showed us some videos of Kid President, and it encouraged me of watching more videos of him!!! I have just recently watched Kid President: Behind the shoots, Kid president, is a little boy and his friend/brother that is trying to make the world more awesome, but not becoming a world sensation!

Netball Game!!

"Pass, Pass, Pass" I yelled! It was another Netball Day for us, and we were all happy. We first started by doing some warm-ups, after doing warm-ups we found out that Sarah, (Team Player) came with Purple ribbons. After Sarah, gave out all her ribbons, the team all looked at me, "Hi, Lesieli" Ana said to me "Can you do my hair" she asked, "Sure" I replied, Doing her hair I saw her hair, was so long, so I decide to do a bun!!!!! Making a bun, I wrapped the ribbon, around her hair, I then made bunny ears. 

When we got to the court it was time to put our serious face's, "BEEP" went the buzzer, "AAHHH" we all screamed, Making our way onto our court, we saw the other team were all prepared, "10 flavhaz on three" we shouted "123" "10 Flavhz" we yelled. "Beeeeeeppp" went buzzer. "Pass pass" I yelled, getting the ball into my hand, I knew for sure we were going to win!!!

With all the hard work the girls, did our team won 6-4 and that is such a good score!!

Happy Birthday Roslyn! (Naraative)

Today, is a special celebration day for Paige, because it is her cousins birthday! Roslyn is turning Ten and she can't wait , but something is bothering her. SHE HAS NO PRESENT! Rushing around the house looking for a present, she noticed are new pair of sport shoes, "Mummmmu" she yelled "Can I give these shoes to Roslyn for her birthday"? "Sure, Sweetie" she said.

To be continued!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Google Visitors!!!

Today my Friends and I, had the privilege to talk to two, crucial members of GOOGLE!!! And it was such a amazing chance. First started by talking to them about ourselves, we then told about our school and about all the digital learning we do. 

After talking to them about that, it was time to tell them what has been going on thought out the terms! I was talking about one of our topic's which was called "Art Alive", after saying my Art Alive speech, I had the the chance to share, my movie that I made, to show my understanding of what our topic was!!! 

Our school, also has the chance, to get filmed, and put on YouTube!!! Isn't that AMAZING!!!     



So far, I am enjoying using Xtramaths, an by enjoying I mean happy! I am now on minus, but I just have a few more questions to go, then I am on Multiplication!! I have been enjoying myself on this intersting, learning site, and I have learn't a lot from it!!! Xtramaths, has helped to get past my maths test, and my practices questions too!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What A wonder???

It's amazing, it has everything you need and it's is so addicting! Can you guess what I'm talking about. With no explaining on what I'm talking about, I will make make you figure it out!! With just saying Take a photo it automatically does that. Do you get lost on the road? Well with just flick of your hand this amazing stuff will tell you the directions! It costs 1,500 dollars, and it has only just came out!!

Leave me feedback on what you think it is, and I will get back to you with the right answers. Who ever gets the correct answer they win a Chocolate bar!!! So get Googling people!! And I will get back to you in a weeks time!!  By the way, I have the privilege of speaking to the Google Visitors about this, and asking questions about it!!

PS: Only for kids, and NO ambassadors!!! sorry teachers!! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Stranded in Antarctica!!

This is my edited version of my writing in Antarctica!

"We have now landed in Antarctica Dr Jake” said the FA crew. Dr Jake was so excited to explore the cold land, as they made “their way out of the plane, Dr noticed a large amount of frozen mountains. “Its pretty hard to keep warm here” he said to one of his colleagues “But it sure is a amazing piece of land” he cried out.

Glazing at the Seals eating their prey and Penguins swimming along the freezing waters, he noticed that the private plane he came in, has suddenly disappeared as well as the FA crew.  “ Where have my people gone” he said to himself

Screaming and Yelling “HELP, HELP” he started getting afraid, “uhhh” “hello” “anyone out there” he gulped, ‘ROAA’ went his stomach,  “I need food” he said in the dying way!  Spreading his blanket across the freezing ice, he knew for sure that he was going to be there for a long time.

As the day went by, there was still no one coming for him “HELP I’m starving” he cried out. Laying down on the little blanket, he heard a helicopter. "This is my chance to save myself" he mumbled.

Grabbing, his only jacket, he waved it in the air, “HELP” he yelled out! “HELP”, Knowing the the helicopter was louder than him he still yelled for help, “HELP” he said once again, but with just a blink of his eye the helicopter was gone.

So he sat back down and gazed at his toes, “Look at my toe” “it getting purple” he said, Once again Dr layed back down and closed his eyes. Then, suddenly he heard a voice “Dr, Dr” it yelled, “could it be” he said “is it Roger, Roger my colleague”

“Yes, Yes” “Its me Roger” the voice said, as soon as he heard the word Roger, he got right up, looking around, he noticed Roger, “ROGGGGEEEER” he yelled. But while he was calling out for him he noticed a plane, “Hey that’s the Plane I came in” he mumbled.

As Roger tured back, he ran to doctor and told him that they have been waiting for him in the plane “huuu” “So your saying that the plane was there all along”? “Yes doctor” said Roger!

This is a link to the first version of this story.

Happy Birthday Ezy&Ethan!

I would love to say a huge huge Happy Birthday, to my two little monkeys Ezy and Ethan. Today we celebrated my little nephews birthday, at Happy Days, and it was such good fun! We first started by going to Chipmunks, so that the little ones can play, we then went to my sisters house to cut the cake, after eating all the cake, we told everyone to met us at the Pakuraga Happy Days.

At Happy Days, I was welcoming everyone, what we first did, was that we let the people get there food first, and then come and sit down! After everyone got there food, it time for the twins to do there little dance, that we were all waiting for. "Why is there so many people" said Ethan to me.

As the two twins made there birthday possible, it was sadly time to leave!

100TH blog post this year!!

Wow, I sure didn't see this, but all along my blog had all ready 100, post for this year, that sure is amazing! While I was reading all my storys, I decide cheack, how many psts, have I did this year, and it turns out that I have did 168 this year, yes this year!!!!! I love my blog!

Happy Birthday Blog!

This is the time where I'm going to say, you're not a baby anymore! Today, at 3.23am my blog turned the big number, Yes! 4, my blog has officially tured 4 and I am so proud of her! Althought, I haven't been blogging that much, I still tried to get to 400!!! and I did. So happy birthday Blog!!

Another Ordinary Day at School!!!

Last year I was in a little movie, which was about our digital learning. Watch the movie and leave me your feedback below!
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shopping Yesterday!!!

Yesterday, My family and I went out for shopping! And guess where we went? Yes, thats right we went dress mart. We first went to Puma, to look for my brother some sport shoes for his trip, we then went factory and bought me some jeans and t shirts. 

After all that shopping we were getting hungry, so came and ordered some butter chicken from the Spice restaurant. We then went to dotti which is a shop for girls, after buying a dress for my mother and I. We decided that it was time to go home. I really loved what we did yesterday!! 


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Staying at Aunts for the night!!

Wow, I never thought that it would be such good fun, to stay at your aunty's house, we are now eating Lollies, Chips and more! I can't wait for game time!