Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Future Aspiration.

Iavana Seuala - Manurewa College, Succeed, Confident, Paid Money, Motivational Speaker

Anthony Samuels - To Me Haro Hoki, You are Amazing, What Now, Confident, Your Past does not have to determine your Future.

Amelia Unufe - Studying at AUT, One day want’s to have her own Fashion Label, Brothers were Gang associated, Middle Child, Had the dream of graduating from Uni first.

Paula Fakalata -  I have a dream, “I'm not scared of you not succeeding, I’m scared of you not trying”,

Andrew Patterson - MC of the day, Host,


The end of the term has nearly came to an end, and it’s time to figure out our paths. To help us determine our futures our year 7 & 8 Seniors, were lucky enough to get the chance to participate in a little pep talk on Future Aspiration’s.

‘He sat around doing nothing, grades were low and expectations were high’ Give it up for Ivana Seuala *Video* Attending Manurewa Collage, Master Ivana is now a world sensation, getting paid to talk, being a confident speaker, Ivana can now can call himself a successful student.

Starting at Year 7, Ivana attended Manurewa Intermediate. Mr Seuala had no hopes. He came home everyday to his parents word of courage ‘Seee sole Ivana be the best you can!’ Be Side's from going to school every single day to see his friends eat his lunch and have a good time, he wasn’t really learning anything.

The year nearly came to an end and the report’s started kicking in, Below Standard, Below Standard, Below Standard, Below Standard, Below Standard, but wait Well Below Standard was all that was said in Ivana’s report. Still his parents encouraged him, ‘Be the best you can Son’ ‘OMG If only looks can KILL’

He was in to form 2, and had to strive for the best because it was his last year. Beside from going to school to see his friends, he learnt things. The mid year report came in, and his progress was getting there. Finally it came to the last term, and the reports came in.

It was like an whole new Ivana, no more Below Standard's his marks were high, and his parents were proud. Something that I learnt from Ivana, is that so matter what life take you thru keep trying and never give up.

‘Father of 3 boys, was on what now. Put your hands together for Mr Anthony Samuels’. After 10 years of working as an actor on What Now, Mr Samuels is a father to 3 lovely boys, all attending Pt England and a wife to Mrs Samuels.

To Be continued ......

Monday, December 1, 2014

Symbol - Mini Project

Lately in extension, we have been learning the Symbol's and meaning of things. I finally got the opportunity to make my own Symbol's and future tattoo. Of course I am not getting a tattoo, but it was just an great experience to do, I would love to see one of my designs as a tattoo in the future. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Book Review - Dear Dumb Diary

Book Title: Dear Dumb Diary.
Author: Jim Benton
Reviewer: Lesieli
Grand total of books read this year: 7
Book Genre: (Highlight)

  • Science fiction
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Series
  • Fantasy
  • Other (state)

  • Biographies/Autobiographies
  • Historical
  • Instructional
  • Other
  • Dairy
Insert photo of book cover here:

Reading Level:
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Advanced
(Leave how many stars you rate it.)
Review: Dear Dumb Diary,

School was okay today.

Excerpt: Sneak a peak, inside the diary of Jamie Kelly.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Symbolism - Samoan Tatau

Tatau aka Pea is a traditional Samoan tattoo, that covers the waists to the knees.

At that time, there were only two families that had the ability to tattoo. Suluape was one of them, he was currently residing at the University Of Auckland were at that time Falaniko Tominiko wanted an Tatau.

Before Tominiko, went ahead with the progress of the tattoo he had to ask for permission from his parents. At first his parents were scared, that he could not handle the pain and that the progress would fail and bring big shame to the family.

It is recommended that when getting tattooed there is someone doing it together with you. Most people only get a Tatau as a way of showing it off, but really it isn’t that way. The tatau is a symbol of Bravery and Service.

Tatau isn’t tattooed with an ink machine. Tattoo designers often use Boar Teeth to do the tatau. After using this, it has to be washed even if you're still using the same ink to ink someone else, this will prevent infections.

It takes more than days to get the tatau done, one man tried doing it within 2 or 3 days and ended up with a huge amount of blood loss. Once you have completed the process, an egg will be cracked on the persons head, lifting of the tapu.

Museum Trip

Yr 8's have gone out for the week and it just us Yr 7's here. Every year when the Yr 8's have gone the year 7's get the opportunity to go on a trip. This year we went to the Auckland Museum. Nine groups were made and along with the groups were parent helpers, since half of the staff were at camp.

Bus Ride:
The bus ride to the museum was pretty quite in our bus, the girls just sat at the back staring at one another and there were the boys just sitting there. I thought to myself, something going on, but I opened my eyes to realise we had less people in out bus then the other. We were just minutes away from the Museum.

To start of the we the day we had morning tea in the Kai room, after eating we had our bag locked up. I was in Mr Barks group and to start our tour, we first headed to the Maori area. As part of the day, we had a worksheet that we had to work on. On the worksheet we were told to draw patterns from the areas that we visited.

Next We had a wonder around, to the places that was required to go to.

As part of our Art Attack theme, one of our activity's where taking photos of specific things. Quasia and Myself were the photographers for our group for the day. And we took great photos, we took photos of flowers and more. Our group was lucky enough to go down to the pond, where baby ducklings had been.

Overall the day was great! We had a great time, even thou it's nothing new!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Colour Wheel

Daniel Radcliffe - Weekly Quiz

Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter was born in 23d of 1989, in West Auckland. At the age of 10 Daniel bad his first appearance on the BBC's 1999 television movie David Copperfield. Then again at the age of 11 he was part of the cast in the Harry Potter. Ever since then he has been in the series for 10 years. 

Radcliffe's parent's both acted as children, so we can see where he gets his acting from. Daniel was currently in the New's, why? Daniel has banned himself from wearing Glasses EVER.

He once said ' If my eye sight ever gets impaired because he doesn't want to be compared to the character he play for 10 years he will insist on having contact lenses. '

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Warren Pohatu - Artist

During the last few days with Ms Paget, us year 7 were assigned to make a presentation on Warren Pohatu, here is what I got form all my research. Check it out, and comment what you think of it.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Empathy - Writing Wk 2 2014

Intro : What is Empathy / Explain what it it

Paragraph 1 : How to show Empathy
Be kind / Talk to others / Ask if they need help / Make them feel welcome / Safety / Wise Actions / Understand / Put yourself in their shoes

Paragraph 2 : Why it is Important to show Empathy
Peaceful / No Segregation / Miserable / People would Belong

Paragraph 3 : Sympathy and Empathy

Conclusion : Overall Summary

Just imagine a day where people got the chance to put themselves in others shoes, do what they do, think what they think, see what they see, go thru everything they have, and Live their Life. What does empathy really LOOK like.

Empathy is something that is hardly discussed in this world, but it is something thats needs to be talked about. There are many reason to show empathy and why to show it, one of it being that the world would be a much much happier place, people would feel like they belong, there would be no segregation, and the world will be a better place to live.

There are many reasons and many ways to show empathy. Practising Empathy is the biggest skill in life, the world is basically full angry people. Showing Empathy can help you, and others , lead you to a brighter future.

Sympathy is often muddled up with empathy, but there are different meanings to these two terms. Empathy is having the ability to understand and to share feelings of another. Sympathy on the other hand, is having sorrow and pity for another.

Empathy is something that need to be talked about, really often. People nowadays need to be empathetic towards others. Be Empathetic.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Term 3 has came and gone and I must admit it was a pretty hard term, but now, after all the things that we have done I have to say I'm excited to see what this term brings, standing at the back of the hall fascinated at the way people dressed I was surprised by our topic.

Mr Burt had a device tapped to his stomach, others were dressed as french artist, and some were dressed in colours from the colour tray. Art Attack was our theme so all teams were assigned to prepare a show/play about the main topic that they would be talking about.

Time flew fast and it was the last team, Team 5. In my head I was absolutely blank I had no idea what was happening. I sat there and looked at the way they painted, steady strokes was made through the Team 5 performing session.

I looked towards the board where the 3 pieces of papers, 2 was black and one was white. Ms Langitupu was on the left side along with Ms Paget, in the middle was Mrs Nua and Mrs Squires, and on the right was Mr Barks and Mrs Clark.

At first I thought the paintings were ninjas but as the photo started to fall into piece I started to see what they were drawing. I call it body painting it were you create a image that look like something else but really its a body part. Like today the body part was a face.                                                                                                                                                                    There were 3 faces Mrs Langitupu and Mrs Paget was painting Mr Jacobsen, Mrs Nua and Mrs Squires painted Mrs Jarman, and Mr Barks and Mrs Clark had the chance to paint Mr Burt.

Over all the day was great, watching all the performances gave me sense of what teams were learning about.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Elections 2014.

I woke up at 6:00 ready to go to Whangarei, but wait were was my aunty. I jumped up and ran towards the door, just find she was gone. 20th September, it's elections day today that's right I forgot she had told me the other night she's going to go and vote before we go.

The General Elections took place on the 20th of September it's where Party's are determined to rule the New Zealand Parliament , and come head to head with each other and battle for New Zealanders vote. 

It was half past 6:00 and my aunty had returned, me being nosey I asked her who she had voted for. She replied 'If only we were aloud 2 votes'. Her husband voted for something else and she had voted for a different party.  

National is promising One – they live within our means. Two – they start paying off debt, and 

Three – they will keep generating new jobs as well as working for New Zealand Families and Local Communities

Labour is promising that they will make sure that Kiwi Kids get a good start in life, the Policies will give parent more time to actually be parents and they will empower young student to succeed at school as well as outside school. 

External Links and Sources. 

I would of liked Labour to win, but labour fans should be grateful that labour won some seats.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Transportation - Unfair Things in Auckland

This is the thing I don't get, seat belts have to be worn in every vehicle but why not in bus's? Safety belt, is used in a vehicle as a device used to secure the person in the seat. But why doesn't bus's have it? Putting safety belts on every seat is expensive and I know that, but isn't the safety of the occupant more important?

I have decide to have my say on Auckland Transportation, and I think that bus's not haveing safety belts ain't good at all. Bus's is used 24/7 and is the main transport vehicle for most people. It isn't fare that Car's and Van's get charged for not having safety belts on and Bus's don't, I myself just don't get the concept.  Us student's use bus's as a way to get to places, and most don't feel safe.

I think that having Safety belts, on bus's will be a great idea not only for me but for the people who travels on it on daily basic's.

Lorde - First Female Wins Best Rock Video -

16 year-old Lorde won the Best Rock Video at the VMA, being the first female to win that category. Lorde 'Royals' video became Best Rock Video, beating out winners Linkin Park, as well as Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys, and The Black Keys.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Professionally developed 28 years ago Kin-Ball was created in Quebec, Canada as a way for P.E. teachers to get their needs of their education program. Kin-Ball involves Teamwork, Cooperation, Speed, Agility and Strength. 

Kin-Ball is game played all over the world such as Canada, the U.S., Japan, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Malaysia. Kin-Ball has grown internationally and is played by approximately Four million people out of sixteen countries worldwide. Just like any other game, Kin-Ball has an international tournament every 'Other' year. Kin-Ball has the capacity to be an Olympic Event.

A game of Kin-Ball is timed from 7 minutes to 15. Kin-Ball can be played indoors and outdoors too. 
The games have three periods lasting 7 to 15 minutes each, depending on the age level of the players, with a one-minute swap/break between each period. Teams have 4 players each, all players wear a jersey of a different colour, with grey, pink and black being the official colours. In Quebec blue was replaced by pink in 2004. In the beginning of each period

In Kin-Ball there are rules, which apply to each and everyone who is participating in the game. There are also really basic steps that has been written down below, for you to follow. To fine more information visit The Offcial Kin-Ball site.


• A KIN-BALL Sport ball is four feet and weighs two pounds.

• There are three teams of four players on the court at once.

• The official colors of the teams are pink, gray, and black. 

• There are three 15 minute periods in a match.

• KIN-BALL Sport is played on a 70’ X 70’ court;
no nets or goals are needed.

• To serve the ball, all members of the team must be touching the ball. Three players kneel under the ball to stay out of the way while the fourth member serves.

• The receiving team members must try to gain control of the ball using any part of their bodies and then re-serve the ball.

• Scoring: If a team drops the ball or commits any other fault, both of the other teams receive a point.


  1. Yelling the color of his/her own team when hitting the ball.
  2. Yelling the color simultaneously with hitting the ball.
  3. Allowing the ball to touch the walls of the room without the named team touching it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cargo Net.

Adding Detail
Make the following writing more effective by creating more complex sentences, adding adverbial phrases and adjectives, adding more interesting vocab including interesting beginnings.

Never in my life had I faced such a difficult challenge. I stood in front of the cargo net I felt hot.. I would never be ready for this.

It was Physical Education and there was lots of equipment around. The net was something we all had to do and I needed to at least try to climb it. I was not a good climber, and never had been. I wanted to turn away. But I grabbed the net in my hands  and began to climb. I said words to encourage myself as I went. I was worried that I might get a rope burn or splinters.  I tried not to think about feeling scared of heights. I went more slowly the longer I climbed.
I stopped altogether. I felt weak and there was still so far to climb.

I called to the teacher that I was finished. I lowered myself down. I was thinking that I had tried my best. I still most likely cannot climb the  cargo net. But I was pleased I had tried.


I had never faced a difficult challenge in my life. I stood in front of the cargo net blistering with sweat. I was petrified “I would never be ready for this adventure” I muttered to myself.

It was Physical Education and there was a quantity of equipment. Net was an activity that we all had to do, at least to try and escalate up it. I wanted to turn away. I clutched my hand on the net, and began to mount. “I can do it” I said to myself as I went. I looked at my hands, worried. I’m going to get rope burn, and Splinters! I considered not to think about heights.

Longer I climbed, the more slowly I went. I clutched my feet on the net. I was exhausted, I looked up there was still far to climb. I looked down, seeing all my classmates cheering me on. But there was no way I was going to finish this course.

No sense of achievement I called to the teacher. “I’m Finished Sir”. I was lowered down. I tried my best but the cargo net taunted me.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Storylines Festival

It was just the start of Lunch, and the Year 7&8 Extension were up and ready to move. Where? I hear you asking, On the 28th of August 2014 the Y7&8 Extension group got the opportunity to go see 4 of New Zealand Authors in Person and Live at the Vodafone Event Centers. Juliette Mclver, Cath Mayo, Jill MacGregor, and Paula Green were the 4 main speakers. They got us out of our seats, laughing in our seats, they were all fantastic.

Two of the main speakers that I enjoyed on the day were Juliette Mclver and Jill MacGregor. Juliette Mclver had great sense of humor, she was really funny. She was basically out there and she didn’t care what people thought of her, she writes Children Picture Books which intrigued us older children too.

Jill MacGregor was also a Great author that I liked, she had been writing about Children of the Pacific. Jill had been to multiple island writing about the children there and how they do things she had been to Tonga and thought VSA for two years, ever since then she has had a passion, about children in the Pacific.

It came around to the questioning time, and my head was absolutely blank. Before we got to the Vodafone Events Centre, I had a lot of questions. But what I wanted to know was that Who Helped them write these books?