Wednesday, September 16, 2015

CyberSmarts Reflection - W9T3

The term is slowly coming to and end, and so is our CyberSmarts session. During the 9 weeks of having Cybersmart session, it has taught not only myself but my fellow friends a lot of values and things in order to be safe online. Being CyberSmart is and very important value that should be taught in everyone's life. One thing that I have learn't from Miss Kyla, is the importance of keeping private things private, and that number/emails/full names, shouldn't be shared online. 

Thank You Miss Kyla for you teachings. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cyber Smarts

Today for Maths we had Miss Kyla for the first half of the session. We talked about the many positive things about having a Mobile Phone, the Walt was to understand our rights and responsibilities with the use of mobile phones. 

Below was our task and Questions.
Make connections to student prior knowledge re: mobile phones:
Who has a mobile phone?
What is useful about having a mobile phone?
What information do you keep on your mobile phone? E.g. contacts, notes, photos, videos.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Miss Universe - New Zealand.

Yesterday afternoon, team 5 had a special visit from the intelligent contestants that participate in Miss Universe New Zealand. Miss Universe New Zealand is the New Zealand national beauty  Pageant, that contain more that 50 countries and more than 20 girls that compete against each other, to win the title of ‘Miss Universe’.

Our school was very lucky to have 16 contestants from the competition visit our school, the girls came in and talked about their on going journey in the Pageant, they talked about being in the Pageant and their challenges when competing against others, they also talked about getting endured in numerous rounds of questioning.

Girls, who get into the top 20 are often faced with challenges, this year their challenge was to be Entrepreneur. The Entrepreneur Challenge is designed for the girls to think out side of the box, they are expected to organize events, it could be something like a quiz show, dinner, and more.

50% of the money proceeds from the EC *Entrepreneur Challenge* to charity, the remaining money goes towards the girls participation in the pageant. Every contestant that pass’s the 1,000 dollar mark will receive a prize

One of the girls named Sharne, talked about how she was being Entrepreneur. Sharne Boot, created her own recycling business, because she wanted the world to be a better place. Her business is still up and running.