Thursday, November 28, 2013

Next Year Ambitions.

In extension we have been creating images and one of them is this one. This shows what I want to be, what I am already and how I am going to look compared to this year. I have listed down what I want to be when I am year 7 in the table above.

Camp Presentation.

Camp has sadly came to an end, and I am bummed! With delicious food cooked by Mrs Coop and Mr Coop Jr,  playing with friends during free time, I definitely didn’t want to leave. But it’s over now so it’s time for a recap. Watch my Presentation to see what fun it was.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Labour day Investigation. The extension group had the pleasure to cook pizza, unfortunately I was not able to cook. But check out my investigation.

New Zealand first celebrated, Labour Day on the, 28th October 1890. Labour Day, celebrates the 8 hours of, how New Zealand workers struggled. It started when a person named Samuel Parnell got sick of working for more that, 8 hours. He then encouraged other tradesmen to  only work for 8 hours. Then in October 1840 a resolution supported the idea. The original day that Labour Day was celebrated on the 2nd Wednesday, of October 1900. Labour day was “Mondayised” in 1910, and since then it has been held on the fourth Monday of October. Liberals means, your behaviour towards someone.


Monday, November 25, 2013


Name of Ship:
Titanic .
Name of Shipping Company:
White Star .
Length of Ship:
It was at tall as a 11 story house.
Date of Maiden Voyage:
10th of April 1912
Captains Name:
Edward J. Smith

  1. Where was the Titanic sailing to on it’s maiden voyage?
    New York.
  2. Approx how many people were on board when the Titanic left Southampton?
  3. Why do you think the Titanic hit the Iceberg?
    Maybe the pilot lost control of the wheel.
  4. Why did so many people die?
    Because their was not enough Lifeboats to save everyone.
  5. What does SOS stand for?
    Save our Souls.
  6. Replace the word Ship.
    The most Luxurious Vessel.


Friday, November 15, 2013

1st Anniversary.

Today marks the day where you left this world to live with our Heavenly Father. Today was not the best day, I was thinning about you too much. I have been trying to not think about you, I cant help think that you have passed. I miss you so much

Rest in Love Inoke </3

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Camp Training.

From Tuesday to today, the year 6 students have been having Camp Training. We have been practising a hole lot of things, Learning to label parts of a Sailing Boat, Practising how to eat, and learning dance moves. Can't wait to actually have camp.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Free Writing Narrative.

Rachel held her phone up close to his shoulder as he walked thur the horrifying forest. Wind whistling and bushes moving was all he could see and hear. "Willi?" Rachel cried nervously. She weirdly thought, that he saw Willie walking into the hart of the forest so she followed him. Although, she really want to get out of as soon as possible. Suddenly, Rachel started to feel weird, she could felt something/someone touching her. Breathing down her shoulder, shivers went down Rachels spine. Rachel wasn't going to stand there and cry like a baby, instead she turned around to fine nothing there.

"It might have just been my mind playing tricks on me" Rachel said quitly. With Wille down in the forest she continued her search, Rach watched tress moving, bushes hissing and the phone light creating terrible shadows. "What was that?" she asked herself. Suddenly Rach falls trembles down the lane and loss's hold of her phone. Landing on her tummy her phone goes down further. "Arggghh" she laughts dusting grass of her top.

Walking towards her phone. She picked it up, trying to turn her phone on it was no use. Rach saw the light in front of her, running towards it she yelled "what are you doing?" jumping with excitement she was glad to see her brother down lane. "Wille what are you doing there?" Willed looked back, and walked toward her.

Rach jumped, as the Wille or should she say Ghost walked right Thur her. "Hey Wille I know it is you". Rach blinked and just by blinking once the ghost/person was gone. "Wille s-stop playing trick on me" Rach closed her eyes for a while, as she closed her eyes she saw a man holding a ax, he then killed Wille.

"Will?!" Rach yelled, "Seriously I know your there". She then decide to close her eye, then the vision came again, but instead the man was holding a ax and Rach herself was running. Opening her eyes, she saw the ghost starting to fade away. She saw her life flash back to her and in a momment, she was on the ground.

Out came Wille "10 for me and 1 for you". Don't mess with the master mind.

Camp Bentzon.

The year has nearly came to a end, and you what time it is right? Camp time. Next week the year 6's, yes just the year 6's are having camp to the one and only Kawau Island. Camp Bentzon. To get to Kawau Island, we are travailing by bus for 1 hour then on a ferry for 8.45km. Camp Bentzon is located in the North Cove.


At camp Bentzon, there are a lot of different activates. There is a Burma Trail, Abseiling, Raft Making, Kayaking, lots of Swimming, and a lot of walking. There will also be night activities. 


The thing that I am looking forward to the most is, having the chance to play games at night, and stay up till late. Not say be out of the house. I can't wait to have a great 3 days of camp.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ambassadors Movie.

I have made this movie to explain how much fun we had at Wellington, hope you enjoy it.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Today, my friends and I got the privilege, got the chance to learn more about different cultures. Our friend Faridah came with something called Hina. Look at the photo below and see if you recognise anything.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wellington Trip ( Part 2 )

(Unfortunately we weren't aloud digital devises in parliament so no photos were taken, so goes for the rest)

12:30: Parliament Tour!
WOW so going into parliament, is just the same as the airport.  You have to go thru the security check, and all objects must be put in a, tray that then gets put away in a little closet. “Education Room here we come” I said quietly to myself. After putting all our electronic things, in the tray we were off the Education Room. In the education room, we then got asked to sit in different position. I was sitting the Finance Chair, I didn't get what it meant but our teacher said that I was a very important seat. A couple of questions went by, then the question I was looking forward to came across "What are taxes?" all our hands went up, "Ohh oohh me me" her hand came towards me then to the other side. In the end all of us had a turn at telling her what taxes are.

1:00: Te Papa
We have currently just came back from Parliament, and the weather so far is starting to get worse. It is raining like crazy. Now we are off to Te Papa to have lunch and get ready for our rides. Brilliant. ****** Wahha we have just got here and it is impressive, there is a massive ball in the middle, of the museum, and you can roll it around.  *********  IMMMMM yummy yummy food. A fruit kebab a cookie and sandwich what more can you ask for. Just time to eat.

1:15: Rides
"Mrs Burt what is our first ride?" "Um, the deep ride" It was time to head off to our rides, but just to before that we had enough time brows around the museum. We first went to quake house. It was house that was damaged, we first watched it on the T.V then we waited for 3 minutes, then "Shake shake shake" the house went. "Arrr" we all shouted. It was another 15 minutes till it was our first ride. We then decided to go hang around the area, where the ride was.

2:15: The Deep Ride
"Hold On tight" said the captain of the submarine. Sitting right and the front was amazing. You probably be wondering why it was called "Deep Ride". I was called that for a reason, the vehicle that we were on was a submarine, and it went into the hart of the ocean, we experienced so of the worlds most horrible eruptions and we had the biggest crashes. Next ride, the High Ride

2:20: More time to browse
We have just got of the submarine and we have more time brows around the museum.

Goat Farming.

  This presentation, is a presentation, that is made by me, It information why I want to farm a Goat. View my presentation and see what you think about it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Writing Test (The Whisper) Edited.

It was a cold, dark, gloomy night. I walked across an abandoned hut deep in the heart of the forest. I was just about to enter the hut when suddenly, I heard a whisper “Don’t enter, Don’t enter” “Who who’s there” said Harry. The voice came again “Don’t enter, don’t enter”

I heard the whisper but no one was there. I looked back no one was there, I looked around, but all I could see was the old abandoned hut. But it was then where it caught my eye,

It’s whiskers twitch as it walks towards me. Brushes against my legs. “Aww!” I pick up it’s tiny little limb body and start patting it’s fluffy head. Weirdly enough, it had a collar. “Hehe” I say to myself. ‘Angle’ it read. Turning to the door, I reach for the old crooked knob. Just as I twist the knob of the door, it flies open.

Slowly creeping into the hut, Angle shakes. “Boom!” the door slowly closed. “He-Hello, is anyone in here?”. In front of me was a rocking chair, I see a fire flickering away in the air uncontrollably. All around me, shelves full of books, spoons and knifes. It looks as it had been their for decades.

Then the whisper came again “What did I tell you” “What did you tell me!” yelled Harry. “I clearly said no to entry my hut!”. The whisper, came again “Get out!” shouted the whisper. It came again “Get out! but leave the tiger cub”, fire surrounded Angel and I uncontrollably.  

“Get out! And leave the tiger cub” the whisper came again. Setting fire to everything, the only thing left that wasn’t on fire was Angel and I. We then creeped our way to the door, turning the knob it wouldn’t let us. Then in the corner of my eye, I saw a sliver key, next to it stood a box. I slowly put Angle down, and walked towards the key and the box.

Grabbing the key I slowly put it thru the box, and twisted it. Out came a cell phone, I searched thru the cellphone, to see if I could find anything that might be related to this. But all I found was a video. I was just starting play the video when I heard a squeak. It was Angel she was gone.

And the whisper was gone. The house looked as if it wasn't on fire, and the phone had much more things on it, photos of Angle and a lady. “I think that the cub belonged to the whisper lady” I whispered.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Our October arrivals!! Uncle Naulangi & Mele, Aunty Ekuasi's first Grandsons! Josaiah Kei tu'u moe Lau Pesalili (Suli's) & Kaysen Valentino Taukiuvea ( Milz) you're both lucky to have the best Guardian Angels xx