Monday, December 10, 2012

School's Nearly Finished :(

The summer holidays are here, another scholastic year has passed. Wishing all the children in my class the very best of luck for the future. I am sure I'am going to miss all of them very much.

Its going to be another boring holiday. Especially when we have learnt so much this year. This year I have been learning new things such as making Form's creating Narratives and much much more. You wouldn't believe me if I said I will me school.

Most kids don't like school !!!. Have a happy happy Christmas and keep safe near the Road, Railway and River. Always have a parent with you at all times. We don't want to loss another member if our school

I used some words form Thesaurus

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  1. Hi Lesieli,

    What interesting paragraphs about summer! Such a lovely fact that you used wonderful words.

    Well have a nice holiday:)