Monday, December 3, 2012


Once in a long life time, there lived a man who was called SANTA. Every Christmas he would ring his bells and send present to kids all around the world who would be good!!.

But in as the years went past Santa couldn’t take what was coming his way. “ KNOCK Knock ” went the door bell. “who could it possibly be?” he said. But no reply came.

“1 step 2 step getting closer and closer” santa said. He was near the door but as he went to open it a strange voice said “Please evacuate your house” “Theres a big storm heading straight for your home” said this stranger.

“ NO NO NO ” said Santa “there is NO way I am going to leave my home”. “Please sir may you make your way out” “NO”.Santa sat in his house waiting for the storm to come but it didn't “WHAT A LIAR” he thought to himself.

So when Santa went to open his door a stranger stood there and said “YOU MUST COME WITH ME” so Santa went with him. And from that they on Santa has been seen!!!!.

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