Monday, February 28, 2011

Letter for Christchurch

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Dear Christchurch

I am sorry about the earthquake that hit your city and damaged all of your lovely buildings. I wish I could be there to help find the people or look after people who need a friend.
Carry on and don't lose hope in what you know. Try to feel happy about every move you make, don’t feel too down, feel happy.
We love you with all our hart

Chirstchurch Earthquake

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On Tuesday 22nd of February Christchurch was hit by an 6.3 magnitude earthquake ,of 5km depth at 12.51pm Building were damaged, people were trapped under collapsed buildings and kids were rushing from school to get to their homes.

More then 60 people have died in this disaster. Rescuers had arrived from other places around the world to come and help one another. Lots of people has lost their lives and people have been searching for lost bodies and loves ones throughout the night
Some people will have to sleep in their cars our in the tent at the park, as their homes are completely destroyed and dangerous.
This is the 2nd earthquake at Christchurch the 1st earthquake was 7.1magnitude and it was 33km depth at 6am. That earthquake struck in September of 2010.

Friday, February 18, 2011


On Thursday room thirteen had baseball first we had to listen to what Calo says after that we had to combine in to two group the colors was blue and red the reds was left and the right was blue first was the red after was the blue it was so so fun that today we a having baseball today again then Miss king came along and stare to join with us the fun thing was that we got to sat in the shade when it was my turn I ran to the first cone then Thea got me with ball so i had to go back and sit in the line
I felt happy because it my first time playing baseball.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting Our Netbook

On Friday room 13 got their net-book. Mrs Burt and Mr Burt came in with a whole lot of other teachers. Mrs Burt showed as step by step filling in the agreement form. We all did the same thing. After that we slowly opened up the box and took our netbook out and also the charger. We had a little play on it before the battery died.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Netbook Day

Gusse what? On Friday room 13 are getting their netbooks. I am one of them. I am so excited that I won't sleep tonight.
On my netbook I am gonna take charge of it because, did you know that one man gave us the money to get our netbooks? But the sad thing is that he won't tell us his name. We all want to know his name but too bad.
Friday is going to be the best day of my life.