Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Winner Ria FT Spawnbrezze

Yay, the song that I have been waiting for has finally came out, and I am absolutely in love with it. One reason I love it, is because it is sang by one of my favourite singers Spawnbrezze and Ria. And because it is telling you to be a Winner Winner, and not a whiner and don't give up.


Holiday 1

OMG, I am so so sorry for not posting today, I spent most of my time at my sisters house, they had Internet but I never got the chance to go on it, as I was having fun with my sisters. Today I went to my sisters house and went around town, when we were in town, we got the news that my brother got injured, while he was playing a game of rugby with his friends and my brothers.

You are most welcome to bookmark my blog, to see more action on my COOL HOLIDAY!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Holiday low light!

My holiday low light is, STAYING HOME, doing nothing at all. The first week of holidays were boring and all that I did was Eat, Sleep, Watch TV and then sleep. Either then that it was pretty boring, the fact that we never got the chance to get out of the house and to go anywhere else, because the weather was being angry, and it decided to rain.


The letter L, is the 12th letter in the alphabet and if you might know, it is also the first letter of my name. My name is Lesieli and I am from New Zealand. I love to listen to music too. Have you noticed that I have used L quite a number of times, for my laughable words.


Yay, as you all know this week is the second week of the holidays, and it is time to go out. Today me and my family went to the pools, and tomorrow we are planning to go Kelly Toutins, and for a walk in town!

Going to the pools

It was another fun day today, because me and my family went to the Mangere Pools, and it was so so fun and awesome. While we were there we were getting a bit hungry, so my Aunty went and bought us some food, eating and drinking we were getting tied and plus the pools were about to close, so we made our way back home.

When we were at home, my brother went right away to bed and forgot to go band practise, with my other brother. Sitting around was a bit boring so we watched movies on my sisters laptop, he movie we watched was Pitch Perfect, I think that people can't get enough of that movie it is so buzzing.

The hight header boy

James was clean bright boy, who had every thing in the world, that any kid would love to have. One day his father asked him to lead his boss to the train station, and that's where it all started. While he was leading his fathers boss, he decide to begin a little conversation. " Did you know that, I have a BIGGG, swimming pool at my house" sighted James, " We'll, No! I didn't " " And I am sure you don't " said the boss.

" OHH Well, now you know" James replied. When James finished dropping off the boss, he came back home with a glutei feeling, knowing that he was lying and not telling the truth about everything. The next day the boss came and asked James father " so where is the huge pool" " your soon was talking about "

To be continued

Don't mock!

Don't let people mock you just because you are a different skin colour, sometimes people thing of He or She as black or white, but let me tell you something, NO ONE IS WHITE OR BLACK! There is no skin colour such a black or white.

Don't be someone you think you are not, because it just makes haters, people who hate you are fake and not real, if someone mocks me I don't care because I know deep down in there body, they are the same as me.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ashley Tonga

So far, my favourite contestant in the X Factor is the one and only Ashley Tonga. Ashley Tonga has a lot of followers and friends on Instagram, and so far she is enjoying making most of her fans. Ever since that I saw her audition I loved it! She made ma laugh and surprised at the same time.

Go Ashley Tonga

Beef accident!

Today was a great day, unit I a big box and heavy corn beef feel on my foot "Uchh". Today I went to my little cousins birthday and while we were there a box of Corn beef feel on my feet, now that my feet hurts I as not around to move around now!

Well, that's great.

As you can see on the picture, the black bit is the bruised bit.


One my iPad I have a app called lollipops, and so far I enjoy playing it. Sometimes I get to put it into the freezer, and sometimes I get to eat it. As well as paying it, my cousins also get the chance to play it too! And thy enjoy it too.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Visiting my sisters!

Today I am at my sisters house, and so far I am enjoying it. Today we went out to smiggle and bought me some stuff, we then went to my mum work to get a new table for my sisters kitchen. S far I am enjoying and I can't wait for dinner.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Good news for my nephew.

YAY, my wish finally came true, my little nephew is coming, and I can't wait. Hopefully he would be coming on his birthday. Yay yay, can't wait. Anyways I hope that they are coming because of he is not I will be dream scatters.

Compass life

Yay, now I have a new favourite game it is called Compass life and it is like building your own sorority. Now that I have a sorority I have a lot of friends who wants to join me in my party's that I make.

Ps : I don't make party's for real life!

Visiting my little brothers today!

Today, I went to my little brother house. I was so so, happy to be there because I haven't seen him, in like months. So my parents decide to take me to him. When we were there I asked if we could take photos, so that I can blog about it. And here I am now blogging about it!

I am already missing him now that I am at home.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pet Shop

I am totally in love with this game, it has pets treats, customers, and every thing I ever wanted. On my iPad I have a game called Pet shop. This game is like the SPCA, it lets people adopt my kitties and puppy's, and I even have turtle's cool right!

I love playing this game, I would give it a 10/10 of rate!

Alex G

Do you know Alex G, Well if you don't I am about to tell you all about her. Alex G is a singer/songwriter who posts covers and originals. She loves to sing and you may also come across her dancing as well as drama.

Ice Cream

There is nothing more better than a taste of ice in our mouth on a hot summers day! Wouldn't you think that. Did you know one of my favourite things to eat is a ice Cream, my favourite flavour is Cookies and Creams, Goodie Goodie Gum Drops and Strawberry. I should also mention, that I love eating ice cream when I am sick. I think that it is good for the health.

100th Post that I have posted.

Yay! Today I finally reached my goal of having 100th post's . And I am really really happy and feeling good. I hope that I will go into the draw to win a phone. Anyways all I can say is YAY and YAY.


I love my mother to bits and pieces. I just wrote this as a happy early Mother's Day to my mum. And whatever happens I will always love you forever and ever no matter what. By the way you still have to make my cupcake you promised me...

Love you mum.


Some people may say brothers are annoying, but in my world I say I love you brother. Today my brother is going out with his friend and it is kind of quite around the house. Sometimes I think that he is annoying and I hate him, but those words are not true. When my brother is gone I try my best not to cry, and when he is here I try my best to not to talk to him, but I end up talking to him anyways. I just wrote this to say I love you brother!


One of our school morals is RESPECT and as part of all of that we have to cooperate to that by paying respect to all visitors and to every one. Show respect when talking to teacher and make sure you have nice attitude when speaking to others.

Eye & Ears

I miss school!

This years holiday is so so boring. I miss learning and I miss my teachers. I wish that we could put the clock forward so we can hurry up and go back to school. The things that I especially miss about school is, how much we learn in a day. I hope that we get a longer term of leafing next term and less more holidays.

Dinner Tonight

Tonight for Dinner we had Cabish with Sheep and Potatoes. And now I am still eating it! For desert we are having water melon with banana and kiwi fruit. Now that my food is nearly finished I think it is time to eat some water melon.


Real Friends : Real Friends a friends who are always there and don't talk about you behind your back. Real Friends don't act like they are all that and they have everything in the world. I have a 3 friends and they Real Friends, I mean Real Friends they are always there when I need them and I will do anything for them!

Fake Friends : Fake Friends are fake, they talk about you and they tell rumours and fake story's. Fake Friends makes dum Story's and stupid story's and they act hight headed, they think that they are all that but they are not,

I have 3 best friends and they are Real Friends, they help me a lot and they keep me safe. I will do anything for them. I love my friends to bits.

Life jackets.

Do you know what a Life Jacket it? Well, I do Life jackets save life's and it has to be worn when out at see and when swimming. Last year a man died because his boat tipped over while he was on it. He then feel out of the boat and he was so so cold that he died.

So kids and adults it is important to wear a Life Jacket.

Missing my nephew.

Every since my brother passed, me and my whole family went to tonga, and when we were there my sister and her son came too. And now that he stays in tonga me and our family are missing him like crazy. And we hope that he gets too come with his dad next month!


Weather today was mixed, in the morning is was nice and sunny, then as it went down to the afternoon it started pouring like crazy, then it was sunny and then raining again. Well, Weather in Auckland was weird and it was so so annoying.


Do you think bullying is good?
Do you think that the person you are bullying feeling safe?

This little post is telling every body what bullying can cause.

Bullying is not cool at all, people think that bullying makes them popular, but it doesn't. Sometimes bullying can be taken very far and the person you are bullying can commit suicide, some people might even not be able to go school anymore and don't feel safe around anybody.


Dear Jo

Hello Jo,
Thanks for the comment I loved it. And thank you for telling me that it was the one video, not the whole site. Any ways lets skip to the main point, First of all thank you for commenting on my blog post I hoped you enjoyed it. And really enjoyed reading your comment.

Thank you for leaving me feed back.

Anzac holiday.

Well what did you do for Anzac holiday. Today I went out with my Aunty, Mum and brother. We went out shopping for so summer clothes and I got some shoes. I got some sport shoes and converse and my brother just got given money. So what did you do?

YouTube is Eight!

As all might have seen on the news, YouTube has finally turned 8 and it is time to celebrate. Yesterday while I was sitting on the couch 3 news came on, and it said YouTube has finally turned 8. So once again happy birthday YouTube!


Have you ever seen a unicorn for real life, well I haven't. Today me and my little cousin were watching bubble guppies at her house and it was really funny. The first bit was about the unicorns and then they started telling scary stories. Then at the end they were telling each other the history of unicorns.

Back at the barnyard.

Back at the barnyard is a program that is rated for all kind of ages. Today I have been watching back at the barnyard, and so far I am enjoying watching it. The episode that I am watching is when the bran house gets burnt down and there owner get arrested. You really should watch it to see what happens!

Fruit Ninja

Have you ever heard of a game called Fruit Ninja. Well I have, as you all might know I have a iPad and on my iPad I have a lot of games. One of my favourite games is Fruit Ninja and I enjoy playing it with my brother and my family.

Fruit Ninja has 3 modes, one of them is Classic another is Arcade Mode and the las one is Zen Mode. My favourite mode is Arcade mode. Arcade mode has no booms it only has booms that takes away 10 points of your score.

Fia Fia PART 2

Part 2

Making our way onto the netball courts, we saw all the other culture groups in there uniforms. We arrived 2nd and we sat a the very front on the right side. While we were waiting it was getting kind of chilly so we grabbed our jumpers and wrapped it around us. A the clock hit 7.00 pm it was time to put our serious faces on.

The first group to perform was the senior and junior ponamui group. As they were getting ready to get of the stage some, teenagers came up to the front and did some kind of dance to show there respect to the ponamui group.

Then we had our MC come out. Our MCS for that night was Vivienne and Gabriel. That night was SO so awesome and I enjoyed it. At the end I had to run to room 1 because I forgot that we were singing.

My hopes for next term.

My hopes for next term is, for me to be much much more mature and to be treated as a young adult. I hope that I will make that dream come true. And I hope that I wouldn't give up easily. S from now on all of the readers on my blog will know what I want to be in term 2.

New page on my blog!

As you might see I have a new page one my blog, called Ambassador. If you are wanting to become a ambassador, make sure to check it out and leave me some feed back on my photos too. I am sure you would like the photos.

Anzac Day!

As you all might know it is Anzac Day and it is time to grab out your Poppy and wear it! Today for Anzac Day me and my family are going to the beach. Make sure to wear your Poppy's to show some respect.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pakin save

Today me and my Aunty went to Pakin save to do some shopping. When we were there we got some chocolates for my uncle because he was returning back to tonga. During our shopping we bought us some lunch to eat, then we had some Carl's junior.

When we finished shopping we catches a cab and went home!

Learn, Create, Share.

This year so far I have been Learning creating and also sharing it with the whole wide world, on my very own blog. Learn, Create, Share has been there most of the time for me and so far I am love the good process that I am making every day!


During the holidays I have been reading some books and my favourite book that I have read was The BFG ( THE BIG FRIENDLY GIANT ). The books is about a little girl called Sophie who wouldn't go sleep, but as she was snoozing down to sleep she peaked out the window and saw that the who town looked ghosty, and she saw a Tall man with suitcase and a funny looking trumpet in his hand, you really should buy this book to find out what happens next!


Games what else can people say about games. Well, games are really cool but some point down the line it get to distracting. On my iPad I have a lot of games but one of my favourite game is Subway Surfers. Subway surfers is a game that can only be played on IPad, IPhone, IPod, and other tablets!

The knife song

The knife song is so dangerous it includes a knife and hands and you must be speedy to do this, the man who created this is know to be CRAZY for some sort of reason. All over the world people are doing this, some get hurt but most don't

Check out this link to see what I am talking about

http://m.youtube.com/#/watch v=CsenqbOTqp4&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DCsenqbOTqp4

Pitch perfect!

Pitch perfect has gone viral and the cup song is every where in New Zealand. At the school that I go to you can see hands tapping cups going up and down. Now that the teacher are sick of tapping they have a new rule " NO TAPPING DURING CLASS TIME " but most of the time people are still not cooperating to this rule!


Last night I stayed up really late just to watch DORA with my little cousin. Last night when I was about to go sleep my cousins and her friends turned up to look for some Kai. But we had nothing we only had Mc Donald's. Then as they were about to go my little cousin started crying because she wanted to watch DORA. S she stayed behind, after watching Dora I was SO so tied, so she ended up sleeping with me

Aka this isn't the one we watched!

Going out with my step sisters!!!

Today me and my brother are going with our step sisters for lunch, before they come my mum said I have to get changed and ready, and I also can't wait to give them my present I bought for them in the holidays...

Can't wait!!!!! Bring on the eating whoop

Missing you Aunty

It is nearly you big your birthday Aunty, and I think that it is time to celebrate. Every since you left us to be reunited with our Heavenly Father I haven't forgotten your birthday the 5th of May, I wish you were here with us Aunty.

Love you Aunty.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

18 blog post on my blog now!

Since we have a new competition for school blogging, I have been blogging a lot and a long with me is my friend Josephine. This post marks the 18th blog post I have did in the holidays and ow I can't wait to get to twenty. Wohhho!

Visting Tagaroa Colloage!

Today I went with my Aunty to her school she was teaching at. While we were there some of the girls turned up for holiday classes and a few more people arrived but they left. During the lessons my Aunty asked my if I wanted to join, and I said sure thing. During our lesson we were learning all about credit cards.

And if you might know I didn't understand a word she said... But, better luck for next time!!

Happy Birthday Blog!

I wrote this little post to say a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY to my blog. Since I reached my goal yesterday on getting onto 300th post's my blog has turned 3 and as part of being three, I would love to say a big big thank you Mrs Burt and the rest of the A Team on setting up our blogs..

Happy Birthday Blog!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Little Ambassador PARAGHAPH!

This Paragraph is all about my journey of being a Ambassador.

The first day of Ambassadors was rally scary and freak but, as I went down the line I got to meet new friends and go to other places too, My favorite part of my journey it when we went MIT and got to talk to a lot of people..

Just to mention this is my 300th post. Can't wait to reach 400!!!

Going shopping with FAMILY SOON!

Next week, I am going shopping with my family for some new stationary and stuff. The shop that I am going too is smiggle, and I hope I will enjoy shopping there. Can't wait for next week, until I shop more and more for school..

X Factor Adutition

X factor has started and only a few people have got in. Today marks the 2 episode of X Factor in 2013 in New Zealand. Before x factor began the judges were shared with the whole world. As New Zealand singers Stand Walker, Melanie Blatt, Ruby Frost, Daniel Bedingfield.