Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tornado at aumimi north shour

Yesterday there was a Tornado at Albany North shore . It was really noise it sounded like a jet-engine descending and thunderous a tremendous . As it sated to commented with the hot air and then the cold air decided chase the hot air so all the chasing made a tornado and it mad cars and house twist and some House even got riped a part as the tornado came down to the ground . As it hit ed the ground every one stared to panic . The tornado was very terrifying because they had no noticed that the tornado was going to come to were they live . It was very sad .

Monday, May 30, 2011

My Multiplication Picture

We are learning about what Multiplication is . This Picture tells you what my equation is all about. We wrote a number story to help us understand too.
Hope you like it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bike Safety

This is my story about Bike Safety and about me and my family going bike riding .

The Water

As we slipped into the pool i dived like a dolphin. As we came up from the water our eyes were stinging red . As we came out of the pool we blinked away the burn

As we slipped into the pool I dived like a dolphin. Coming up from the water our eyes were stinging red. We blinked away the burn.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sentences beginning

In our class room today we have been talking and writing about sentences beginning . We have been using toreka's story about " What an Ambush ". We did this because we had to learn to about sentences beginning.This picture was made on Wordle.net

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Straw Bridges

Guss what this morning our technology task was learning about making bridge out of triangles . After that Mrs king told us to get in to 4 or 5 groups when we got our team I was in Sela group , Iron , Mary , and Jordenne, and also Thea ‘s group . When we started we started of with squires then i had a idea my idea was to make a line and then make little triangles and then sect it on at the bottom of the line . So what we did was that we took of the squires and stared doing my idea . As it came to middle it me came hard because Mrs king said we had 5 minutes left . But the end the end was the worst bit because we had to put a big huge block on it and who eves bridges that can hold the block wins and the wining group was Gloria’s team

Rube Glodberg

Guss what ? Last Friday in the morning we started our marbles runs. I was in Latia’s group , Chyna , Wakatere, and Flora, and also Iron‘s group. When we started we started of with some dominoes and a lot of blocks. We stared working on the ground but then it was very hard because the marble kept on going off track did we moved our marble run onto my desk . Then we kept on trying and trying but we kept on falling then at once it Findlay it work as it came to the end it became more excited and then it came to an end . We had finished our marble runs .

Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw Tower

Guess what this Morning room thirteen had to build straw towers .After that Mrs king told us to get in 7 group’s . I was in Sela’s group , Chyna , Mary and Iron , and Jordenne , . We had 75 straw and 1 roll of tap . First we had a plan then we stared as we stared I had an a idea . My idea was to make a squera all the way so that’s what we did . When we stared it was nice and neat then mary came up with anorther idea her idea was for her to make some squers and did add it on to make it more faster . Then i asked if i can help and she said yes so i help her as it came to a end the winnning group was uili .
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