Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My art work .

This year i have been doing my art work. This picture show es you what i have been doing . The first thing you do is draw a wiggle line a Cross the paper then you put 8 lines on the line then you start arcing . As you have finished you can use the Hot colours and the Cold colours then your done . But first do VIvid over it


What was the problem and how did you decide to fix it?
The problem was that in winter it was very cold so we decided to fix it by making a winter uniform. One of our designs are a shirt with Velcro in it. It comes with selves and that also has Velcro inside it too. So it can be stuck together when you’re too cold. But if you’re too hot you are able to pull the sleeves off.
We are planning to use cotton for this design. Because the soft, fluffy staple fibre is very warm so our winter clothing is going to be made out of it.
We’ve also decided to make a rain coat for rainy days but they are only for seniors. Same for the first design. The rain coat is going to be made from water proof Nylon has to be treated with a waterproofing agent, then it won't let water in through the fabric.

Why did you choose the design that you did?
We chose this design because it would be helpful with its warmness and the Nylon will help with its waterproof powers.

What makes your new design better than before?
Our school has track pants but we decided to make it better by having zips so when it is a hot day and you are wearing track pants you can unzip it and we can put the in our bag or desk.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The water

As we slipped into the pool i dived like a dolphin. As we came up from the water our eyes were stinging red . As we came out of the pool we blinked away the burn

Slipped into the pool I dived like a dolphin. Coming up from the water our eyes were stinging red. We blinked away the burn.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Twits

Story ,Twits , By Roald Dahl

One Fine Afternoon Mr Twit went out side and painted Hugtight glue all over the dead tree. Once he had finished all the birds came and sat on it. As it was beginning to get dark, Mr Twit went out side with his big net and captured all the birds. He shouted “Bird pie for dinner! Yippee!” he said . And that was the end of my story .