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Thursday, May 30, 2013


"We have now landed in Antarctica Dr Jake” said the FA crew. Dr Jake was so excited to explore the cold land, as they made “their way out of the plane, Dr noticed a large amount of frozen mountains. “Its pretty hard to keep warm here” he said to one of his colleagues “But it sure is a amazing piece of land” he cried out

Walking around in the cold freezing ice, he thought it be a good ideal to put his glasses on, placing his google glass on his head,  he flicked his hand at the button, to record all of the things he was doing!

Looking at the seals and the penguins made him feel like swimming. But at that time he knew he was alone! “HELLO” he yelled “HELLO”, with no one replying he knew he would be there for a long time!

As the day went by, there was still no one coming for him “HELP I’m starving” he cried out, Spreading his little blanket across the ice cold weather, he knew he wouldn't be able to survive! As he layed down to close his eyes, he heard someone calling out for him.

“Dr, Dr, Dr” the colleagues yelled, “are you ok” ? they asked, “Yes, yes I am ok” “I officially have experienced how the life is here in Antarctica” he said!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

“The Big Chill and the Big Drill”

My reading group likes creating movies to share  and reflect on the things we have read. 
We were reading books about Antarctica and my group read a book called “The Big Chill and the Big Drill”. 
In our movie we included information we learnt and how scientists know that Antarctica was lovely forest! This movie was made to show our understanding of the book The Big Chill and The Big Drill!!!
Hope you like it!

DLO Tui Girls from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This DLO was created to show what we have learnt from the book THE BIG DRILL AND THE BIG CHILL!!

DLO Tui Girls from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
DLO Paige, Josephine, Lesieli


Yesterday, afternoon we had our 2nd Netball game, and this time it was time to step up! Scoring our first point, we were so happy, as the game was going on, the wind started coming, " ho " my friend said, its time to go now, standing in the middle of the court, the coach said to make my way to shelter! When the 2nd half started we got 4 more goals in, In the end of the day we won, the points were 5 to 4

Pencil Tapping!!

Besides from the cup song, the tapping has gone on forever, but now in a different way! The pencil tapping, has official gone world famous. And it is putting e teachers heads in! There a two different kinds of pencil tapping one is the colouring in tapping and the slap tap!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Talking to my brother!

I am now talking to my other brother, that has been in Dunedin for the past few months, and so far we are enjoying our talk, he has been telling me about the weather there. Our talk has just ended and I am already missing him!!! Can't wait to see you next next next WEEK!!!



Hey Ya Everyone!
Are you look for a Professional Photographer or a Filmier, Well you have went onto the right blog! I have a cousin, that is trying to get his courier out. If you are having a special function, and is look for Photographers, you can find photographers by contacting, The email/phone number on this photo. Thanks for making his dream Reality!!

PS: Please don't pressure him too much!! Or he will blame it on me!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Lollies! What can you say about Lollies! Lollies are the best thing ever kid eats, it is know a Sweets and Candy in other words. Sometimes when I get a good award, I get Candy, and sometimes more!! I love eating candy, but this year I am trying hard to cut off the sweets, because I have all these sports that I play!

Netbook Name!

My Netbook has a new Name now! Her name is Summer, this name was inspired by one of my favorite dancers! I loved the new name it makes it easier to call her! Summer, is now awake but she will be sleeping soon!!!

DLO, Jordan, Lesieli, Louis, Paige


This movie was based on the book Who's Eating Who? In this movie you will find new information about seals and more. Please Leave a comment Bellow!!!

Digital Art!!!

This is my digital art that I created on paper. It says all the things that we should be doing at school and at school!!!


                                        listen to ‘Lesieli Whales paragraph’ on Audioboo
Whales are the Largest animal in the world! They are know for their enormous Jaw bones and powerful Flippers that help them steer. They also have a thick layer of blubber that helps them keep warm in the freezing water!

I am Learning to use all keywords, to make one paragraphs!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ambassadors Today!!!

Today was awesome, We presented to many many people, And it was so so SCARY! As our visitors walked in we thought that there were about 10, But as we were about to start another 10 walked in, then another 7! It was so so nerve racking while we were talking! Especial when we made mistakes! 
I hope that we get to present more, so we can get our confident's out!  

Raining Madness!!

Today was a very very 'BAD LUCK' and I mean it! Making our way out of the school grounds ready to go Netball, the rain falls, but we thought that we would be able to play! But, as we got there, we saw that every one was making their way out of the netball courts! "Whats Happening" asked Mrs Erasmus "The games are cancelled " Miss Nua said. " Sadly walking back to the car we were so scared that we ended up staying under the shade due to Lighting.


Monday, May 20, 2013

My Netbook is Finally at HOME!!

This year is my second year that I have had my netbook at home! and I am supper supper proud for myself! This means that I am able to learn from anywhere and from anyone and this also means that I have gained/earned my Netbook Licence!! I am now enjoying my dinner, but I can't stand having my Netbook right there!  

The Haunted House!

On a cold windy day in Salt Lake City, Jessica, Mia and Hannah went hunting for a new house, that had 3 bedrooms. Turing into Roslyn Road they noticed a house that was for rent, and it also had the right numbers of Bedrooms. “This is the one” Mia said.

Making there way to see what the house looked like, Jessica saw are person wearing a White cape “Could it be” she said “Is it a ghost?...... “Ahhh” she screamed “Its a ghost” running out of the house they thought that it was just their eyes.

“It was just your eyes” Mia said. “Tick Tick Tick” went the clock, and “Mia Mia” went a whisper. Walking around the house without a clue knowing who it was, they saw a Orange Sign, SAYING: HOUSE HAUNTED TAKE THE KEY IF YOU DARE TO LIVE HERE!

As they were reading the sign, Hannah felt someone touching her. Screaming and shouting “Don’t kill me Don’t kill me” Rose Jumped out of nowhere and said “GOT YA” “I have scared you once again” “ and now I am the queen of scarring”

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Home Maths

Since, I am not at school, my mum decided to get us a Maths Tutor, and while that was happening, He told us to download so maths program's! He told me to download these three programs, I enjoyed playing it and one of the games it game me a A-Plus!!!!

My New Compition!

Today, I have stetted my own goal for myself. And that was : If I get more than 20.00 visitors on my blog, my parents will buy new stuff. So people, Visit my blog okay! I will update this with a photo of what I started with and what I have ended it with!
 I will update it within 6 weeks!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Today for dinner, we had Chicken and Potatoes. For desert we than had Ice Cream and Pancake. While we were eating our desert my uncles and aunts walked in, for a family meeting. We then invited them for desert, but as we were giving the desert out they said that they are going to leave for Work tomorrow. Although they didn't stay I still had fun with them!  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Voyage to the Cold South

  Today we have a reviler  and while Mr Marks has been away, he has setted us a task and that is Voyage to the Cold South! Check out my Animation and make sure too leave me some feedback!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Netball Game

Today was AMAZING! We had...... Yes! We had our very first game of Netball, for the term at the AMI courts. And it was great, even thought Miss Erasmus wasn't there we still believed we could do it without her.

 Making our way onto the courts, we made sure that we had everything, getting ready the coach for the other team asked us if we were wearing earrings, with a reply of yes, she asked us to take it off, because it can cause danger when playing. 

When the buzzer went for the first round, we made sure that we were defending our partners. The first goal was ROPS GALAXIES, then we made a few goals. Sadly in the end, we didn't win! But the 10 flavhz were were proud that they played, and we made a effort!



Sunday, May 12, 2013

Good Night

As you all know today is Mother's Day, and since it is that wonderful day, we have for to bed LATE! And that is not good at all, last night, me and my brother made a deal, and that was to sleep early, and look at what time I am blogging at! Well, good night my dear followers and bloggers! May God bless you in your sleep. 

Google Site

I am currently creating my new site, on google sites, and so far this is what it looks like. I have used a colourful theme, to show my passion for different colours, as well as a great neat font. On my site my pages that I have are Reading, Writing and Maths, but I will update you with what I get in the end.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Google Prize!

Today was a great great day! Guess what I got, Yes! I won a phone! Isn't that just surprising, If you have been on my blog, you may have noticed the the blog post I made about, The New Competition In school. Well, From that blog post to today, I won the phone and it is such a pleasure.

Sorry I can't put a photo up I don't have enough time too!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Inspiring words

Today me and my friends, sure did experienced some of the worlds most inspiring words. From the one and only WILL.I.AM. I would say that the most inspiring thing that he said to us was " Dream Big " and to make " Good Friends ". But that was not it all, every thing he said was so so successful, his dreams came true, and one thing he said was " People like me would be in jail by now " " but music saved my life " when he said that I then understood, why he loves music so much.

And by the way that was his very first hongi with Patrick!

WILL.I.AM Surprise ( Black Eyed Peas Member )

Today, was super super awesome, we had one of the members from the Black Eye Peas, come to our school, Yes! our school. WILL.I.AM came to our school to give us a very big donation of 100,000 dollars, that sure is a lot right!  

But the money is not for us, the money is going towards our Digital learning. And the Manaiakalani Education Trust, not only that they get it, but it is because they help us out on our learning. Such as our Netbooks and our Multimedia. 

WILL.I.AM is such a big Inspiration to me and my friends, the most inspring thing he said to the Year 8th AKA 8th Graders that he said was to " Pick Good Friend ". Hallenstein brothers are clothing shops for men, The company Hallenstein brothers, gifted him with a ( Green Stone ) Poanumu

We hope you have enjoyed your time with us WILL.I.AM, We sure did LOVEEEE our time with you. Hope ou came back to our school, thanks for the gifting of the 100'000 dollars it really dose mean a lot.

Click on the Link at the top!!!


Antarctica is the worlds Largest Desert, and it has experienced some of the worst storms. Antarctica is know as the most Icy Desert, with one of the strongest storms it is impossible to keep yourself warm.
Paragraph 2
In Antarctica there are enormous Icebergs, as the morning goes on, the afternoon comes along, to make it’s moves on the Icebergs. When the wind has gone the icebergs look a lot better, its like the wind is carving the icebergs.
Wild Life
The wildlife in Antarctica is awesome, There are 35 species of seals, but only six types live in Antarctica, But in a special way, these six species are the worlds most popular seals. With no land predators, the Antarctic seas behave more differently by showing little fear of men.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Important visitor is coming our way!

Today at school, we got told there's was a very important person coming to school tomorrow. And as part of important visitors we have to sing a song to them as part as a gift back to them. This VIP has given a lot of money to not only our school, but all the eleven schools that are part of the Manaiakalani cluster. 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New look on my Netbook

Today one of the netbooks Experts came in to re-image our netbooks, and while they re-imaging them, we noticed that it was loading a new look on our netbooks, and that was quite odd, because we never get new looks, when we re-image our netbooks. Our new look is a bit hard to use ever single thing is changed, the top bar is on the side and the bad thing is we have no...... Games, we could never live without games. Well I hope we get, use to using it.

This is what it looks like, this is not my Netbook.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Tomorrow after school, we are having netball training and I can't wait. Last term we got told who the captain was for he month, it was Josephine. I hope that we win all of our games, because we have been training had for these games!

Catching Jay Jay

Today I went to my our family reunion, and it was super super cool and awesome. While we were there I saw that my Aunty and her on came, running to them her turned around and started running away from me . So I chased him and chased him till I go tired and went inside, once again he still wanted me to catch him, so I ran up to stares just to catch him, in the end I managed to get him

Google Pen!

Today the ambassadors were called to Mrs Burts office for a little meeting, and while we were their, she told that she had been in Sydney working with Google. When she was telling us about it she grabbed a huge bag with a lot of things inside it, when we were talking to her she told us she got a little present for us from Sydney, when she told use we were all excited and happy. And out came they present, it was a...........Google Pen

I loved the present it was so so colourful...

This is what it looked like

Raining week

OMG it is basically raining and I am am freezing like crazy. Today they weather is Boring and I am not enjoying it! I am hoping that it gets sunny so me and my friends eat a proper day out at school. And so that we can get around...

Immersion Assemble

This Morning we had Immersion Assemble and we learnt a lot of things about investigation. My favourite item was team 5, they my kitchen rules. My Team 4 ) were telling us all about Antarctica, my TEAM 4 were dressed up in winter uniform.

Back at School

Finally, I am back at school, and I am really HAPPY because I got to go on my Netbook as well as spending time with my friends. Our topic this term is PSI ( Pt England Investigates ), and so far I am enjoying learning about Antarctica. 

Sea Surface Temerature

As you can see this is my Graph of the Sea Surface Temperature. I have learnt that Antarctica oceans are similar to the Pacific ocean because it has coral at the bottom of the Sea. Another fact, it does get warmer when you swim deeper.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Angry Lady Part 2

During her little nap, she had a felling that someone was pulling her hair, drawing on her face, and also blowing her face. So she got as soon as possible to see what was happening, when woke up she noticed that she was still under the tree, but it looked like people were giving her a makeover.

" Is this a dream " " Or is this real " she said. But as she turned to the left she saw a sing saying " Tree Salon " " Wow my dream has came true " as she was getting her makeover done she started thanking all of them.

Her is a photo of her before and after :

Jason Mraz

My favourite song this year has Officially been made and it is ..... Jason Mraz ( I won't give up ). This song has made it to my top three. This song has told me, Not to give up, Learn the best, and make a effort to complete things.

The Angry Lady

Once upon a time, there lived a Lady, who lived in a tiny tiny cottage. Every time people visit her, she would get angry for no reason, But one day she decide that she needed a make over, so she went for a visit to the salon for a new make over. Just as she got there Salon it...... CLOSED " Ohh man what a bummer " she said, as she was walking home she felt uncomfortable, so she laid down under the tree.

To Be Continued.....

Friday, May 3, 2013

X Factor - Moorhouse

OMG , My favourite BOY BAND has just walked up on stage. Moorhouse is group of boys that makes covers and also originals. I like moorhouse because they are normal and also, they are calm to me in my thinking.

Last day of the Holidays!!!

Today is one of the last days of the holidays. And on Monday is ........... SCHOOL, and I am so so EXCITED, to be with my friends as well as my teachers Mr Somervilli, Mr Marks, and the lovely Mrs Garden.


The Voice

Unfortuanetly it looks the buzzers ain't going to work. This weeks, episode of  The Voice looks like it isn't going well, and now the buzzers are not going to work, so they decide to jump out of there chairs and talk to them face to face, but while they were standing the chairs decide to turn around.

Lets see what happens in the next few episodes???

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pocket gems

Tonight I have stayed up, downloading the one and only Pocket gems game, these games includes Campus life, Pet shop and many many more. I hope They make more games so I can download more and more.

Holiday dinner

Yay, my wish came true, today me and my family had KFC and so far I am enjoying eating it. I had 2 pieces of chicken and chips along with coslaw and nuggets and BQQ sauce. I hope that we get to eat more of this.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Holiday 2

Hey ya guys, today I am going to be gone for most of the day so I decide to post in the morning, today me and my sisters and my brother joe are going, Kelly Toutins for a cruz with the fishes, and sharks. So that's my day done, I will post about it later!


Remaking our drive way.

Today our drive was being remade, and to be honesty I like the old one, even thought it was rocky but I still liked it. This morning I heard road working people, so I got up really really early, just to see what was happening, when I went out side I blocked my ears right away, as it was to to noise, so I walked back inside and shut the door with a big slam " Ucchh " my mum said.