Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Balloon Experiment.


Last Term, in extension, we had a challenge to make a Rocket Balloon, we used all sorts of stuff, like Stick tape Straw and many more. Read the presentation to find out what when on!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last Day Of The Holidays!!

Well, the holidays for me, hasn't been going well for me! On, Tuesday, my family and I were planning, to go out, but it trued into staying home! Then, on Friday, we were going to go Rainbow Ends, but the same thing happen! So, I am glad to say, that I am really really happy, that we are going back to school tommorow! Yaya!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today, it was my little cousins birthday, Sela!!! She was turning 4! Getting., there we saw that there were, a lot of people! "Happy Birthday" I shouted, running, to her she started, running away from me!
"I'm going, to get you" I said! 


Monday, July 22, 2013


"I bet you 20 dollars, that Whenua will win" I said to my cousin! "No" "I bet ya, 50 dollars that Jackie, will win" he replied back. Opppp Sorry, as you may, know the X-Facto New Zealand, has recently, just finished! And, if you watched closely, you will notice, that Jackie Thompson won!!

Happy Birthday Josephine! Part 2

When we were in the car, I gave her, her present. Giving, her present, she noticed, that there was a huge Bow!!! "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" she shouted, "Why you shouting for"? I asked "Well, because You gave me bow" "And, bows are my favourite". 

Getting to Sylvia Park  we quickly ran to the Hoyts, to book our movie. Getting there, we noticed that Despicable Me 2 already started! "Orggg" I said, Looking at the movie list, we decided that it was a good ideal to watch, Monsters University 3D.

Booking the ticket, we saw that the movie, is starting at 5:30! "Great!"  "That's enough time to go see my aunty Selu, and to get changed" Josephine said. Running to the car, we were on our way! "So girls, where's our first stop" Lesley asked ( < Josephine's Mother ) "Aunty Selu, Aunty Selu" Josephine yelled!

Getting to the Panmure, funeral service we saw that Selu's daughters, we still getting her changed! Walking to the waiting area, we saw all the family. "This looks a bit like a family Reunion" I whispered! Getting, into the family room, I saw some of my own cousins! As the day went past the time was running! "Mummmmm" yelled Josephine "We need, to go and get Lesieli changed"

To Be Continued! 

What a Lie!!!

I can not get over them, why did they do this? Oh, sorry, you may be thinking what is she talking about? Well, I am talking about how my Aunty Lied to me, as well to the rest of the grand children!!!!

On Tuesday, news went around the house, that we were going to go to Wellington, on Thursday Last week!  But then, on Thursday, we woke up thinking that we were really going to go! But it turned out that it was just a lie! 

What A Lie That Was!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My New Blog!

This year, I recently had a-lot of kids coming up to, asking me about, How I Became An Ambassador! So I decided to make this blog! Click Here to view my blog! 

Missing Son ( Part 2 )

After a long day at school, Drake came home looking forward to going, to his siblings birthday part ( Vanessa ). Walking into the house, he felt that he needed to go for a walk.  Without, telling his mother he set of, and that's when all the drama began! "Hey sweetie, grab a chocolate" As he walked to grab the chocolate, the unknown person, pulled him into the car." Help" he shouted " No one can hear you sweetie" "So don't bother screaming", the voice said

Pulling, him into the car, a local lady, biking near by heard the scream, and ran to where he thought the scream was coming from. Getting there he made eye contact with drake. "Hey, your the little boy that's missing" he shouted,   but with just a blink, the car was gone!

Grabbing, her bike, he chased after the car! After a hour of chasing the car, the anonymous  person decided that it was time to let Drake out. After letting drake out, Drake turned back, ASAP to see who the anonymous person was. Turning back, the car had already gone of!

What are you doing?

I am now writing, about Josephine's Birthday, but this is Part 2! In this part, you will know some things that hasn't Happened, as-well as knowing what we did!  So make sure to read that!     I am also writing The Missing son Part 2, again, it will tell you what happens in that series! 

Be Read To read, the story of a life time!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

State Of Origin!

What a win that was!!!!!  I can't believe that Queens Land won! I thought that New South Whales, will have a better chance, at winning! But, just to mention, I'm glad that Queens Land won, because if New South Whales did, I think that most of the teacher, will be down, on the start of school!! Nahh, I'm just joking! 


Happy Birthday Josephine! Part 1

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Josephine Happy Birthday to you!!!! On Monday,  My best friend Josephine, turned the big number! Yes,  she turned 11! " I love you to momma". Oh sorry, you maybe think, what I am going on about. Well, on Monday, I got invited to my best friends, birthday! And as part, of that we got to watch Monster's University!

"BEEP  BEEP" went the car. "It's Josephine" yelled, my sister. Grabbing, her present, I noticed that, it was past 2:00, "Were going to miss out on the movie" I yelled. Running, to the car, I remembered that it was her birthday, opening the door I whispered her a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPHINE".

When we were in the car, I gave her, her present. Giving, her present, she noticed, that there was a huge Bow!!! "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" she shouted, "Why you shouting for"? I asked "Well, because You gave me bow" "And, bows are my favourite".

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Typing Test!

Typing Test 

Today, I was a bit board, so I decided to play some Fast Fingers! I kept, playing till I got a great score. The image above, shows the result's!  Click Here, to improve, your typing! Try, bet My score!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

RIP Cory Monteith

"Wait, Wait, Wait, Rewind the T.V" I shouted!  "It has been, official that Cory Monteith, has oafishly passed! "aaaaaaaaa" are you serious! OMG, I am still, in shock. I Still can't believe, that he has passed! I knew that Cory, was great guy, and I never thought, that he would pass, in a young age!       All, I want to say, is Rest In Peace Cory, you will always, be in our harts! 

All credits, go to the owner!

Holidays Are boring!

Seriously! I can not imagine staying home, for 2 weeks! Well, I would have to say, that my holidays, are going really really BAD! Seriously, all I am doing is staying home, and doing nothing. I really really can't wait till school starts! And, by the way. Make sure to drop, by at Josephine's blog, and leave her a birthday Wish!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A toy I’ve held onto all these years!

I can't believe that I still have this little thing! Ever since I was little, I was given Mr Popey ( My Toy ), and from then on, I still have it! Mr Popey, is my friend that doesn't talk! It is orange, and so fluffy! I should also mention, that it likes to bark! "Wfowfowfowfo"

Term 2 Refection!

We have come to an end of a busy term!  After, a huge shared lunch at the end of the day, and the Winter parent interviews, isn't that just a great way to end the learning term? 

My highlight for term 2, is obviously going to be, going to the-one-and-only Kelly Tarlton's! My lowlight, for this term, is Losing against Koru Primary School, in rugby!

Term 2, would have to have been the greatest term for me! Why? I hear you asking. The reason, for this is because, I have been involved in a lot of things such as Extension, Rugby, Netball and much more. It has also been a great term, because we have recently finished Fiafia.


Today, we had to farewell, my brother who is going to OPC! Taking him, there we noticed, that there were only, a-bit of us. As the car's parked up, we saw the bus "Oh No" "The Bus" I shouted! Taking him out, I saw that my mother was bursting into tears! " It's going to be all right " I said. When he was getting into the bus, I saw that he was crying to! " IT WILL BE ALL RIGHT " I shouted " ZOOOOOOM" went the bus!


I will like, this opportunity to congratulate, my cousin/brother William, on Graduating, for the university of Auckland, Bachelor of Fine Art's. Yesterday, night, we got a mail form the University, of Auckland  "I wonder what it is" my brother said, opening the mail, it popped, out this!!! We were so so happy!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


O-My-Gosh, I can not believe that I didn't post about this earlier! But, on behalf, on Me, I would like to say a huge Farewell, to the two must awesome girls Shirquera and Enyahlee, I know that I didn't know you for a long, time but, I just want to wish you the best, and hope we will still keep in contact!!! Good Luck Girls!

I can't believe, that you are going!!!

Duffy Books!

Yesterday, we got given on of the biggest treasures! And, that was a book, from Duffy! Two members from the post-shop, came yesterday, to present to us our books! Receiving our books, we were so delighted, that we got it for free! 

Opening the box, I noticed that the One Direction Quiz book, was like a one who book! But it turned out that it wasn't! All, I would like to say is thank you, for giving us books! And remember books are treasures! 


G-mail, is a mailing site that Kids/Adults use! I use G-Mail, and so far I am enjoying it. I like being able to use it because, I can get in touch with my friends by Chatting to them as well as sending them emails! I also like having this because, I am able to communicate, with my dad! 

I Love G-Mail!

The Missing Son ( Narrative ) Part 1

The 10th of September 1994, was the most hardest day for the, Mergenc family. On the 10th of September 2004, at exactly 12.00 o'clock in the afternoon, the son of Jane and David, was declared MISSING. "All I want is just for him to come home" Jane cried out.    Drake, was the youngest out of 5 children. His father called him the "Dad" of the family, due to his maturnis.

After a long day at school, Drake came home looking forward to going, to his sibling's birthday part ( Vanessa ). Walking into the house, he felt that he needed to go for a walk.  Without, telling his mother he set of, and that's when all the drama began! "Hey sweetie, grab a chocolate" As he walked to grab the chocolate, the unknown person, pulled him into the car. "Now your coming with me" the unknown person said.......

To Be Continued.........

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Missing Son ( Trailer )

I am now currently  making my narrative called the Missing Son, it is about a boy called Drake, that get's kidnapped, by one of his family member!!!  Be sure to tune in Tomorrow or tonight, to read what happens! 
Remember, that this is the Trailer, not the Story!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

He Honore!

        Today, I got a bit board, so I decided to listing to Music! Listing to music, I remembered the song that we sang, in Assembly!! Listen, and found out what a great song it is!

Google Class Site


This, is a short, movie about how, we use our Google Class Site. 
I hope you enjoy it!

Paper Scissor's Rock


Today, during Maths Class we decided, to play a little game of Rock Paper Scissor's. I was the coach, while my other two mates, played. You can see on the image that Puawai has a great chance of winning. Ohh and by the way Rave is Purple and Puawai is Black.

Monday, July 8, 2013

X Factor

Well, it looks like my two favourite idols, are in the bottom 2. Watching, X Factor, I was hoping that Whenua will be saved, but it was the other way around. Now Cassie, is in the bottom 2, and that sure is a let down.......

To be continued after the show!  

Curriculum Vitae!

What is a Curriculum Vitae?
Curriculum Vitae is a summary of your educational background, as well as your working experience. Curriculum Vitae is also known by the name ( CV ).

Why do we use Curriculum Vitae?

The reason, why we use Curriculum Vitae. Is because, when we apply, for job, they will need to see it, to show proof, that you have experience of that job. Another good reason, for this, is that dee employs as well as the manger, needs to see your history!

Why Did you write this?

I decided to write, about this, because, I know in the future, when I grow up and find a job, I will look back, to this blogpost, and remeber, what a CV is!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


 Oh My Goshhh, I can not believe it, after months of hard working, my dream finally came true!!! Yes, that's right, my Xtramaths has been lifted up to Multiplication! I can't wait to get some new basic fact's!!!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kelly Tarlton's Trip Part 2

...................... Making our way into the School Room, we noticed a number of Treasure Box's, "I wonder what is in the Treasure Box's" my friend asked. After putting our bag's away, one of the Staff Members told us to sit on the carpet. Wondering what's going to happen, the first thought that came to my mind was "We were going to hold onto real Penguin Eggs"

But "Errkkkkk" I was total wrong, seeing the projector in the front of me, I new for sure that there was going to be a Presentation. "But a Presentation, about what" Rave asked "About the species they have here" I replied back "oho right" she said.

To Be Continued...........


Well, it turns out to look like Xtramath's going really really great. So far, I am working on subtraction, and I am enjoying it! I have 1 more lesson left, and if I get Smiley's in all of it, I get onto Timetables!! I can't wait to lean my new Basic Facts!


Monday, July 1, 2013

200th Post This Year!!!

OMG, I can not believe it! My Blog finally has 200 post's! Last night at around 10:00 PM, My blog had 200th post's due, to my writing out the Blind Side!  Watching, T.V, I decided that I wanted to do a blog post, at first I had 197, writing and writing I saw that it finally turned to 199! "One more blog post and then I have 200" I said to myself.

Thank's to the movie that was on Last night, I made my 200th Blog Post possible!

Kelly Tarlton's Trip

This year our School are Investigating! And team 4 are investigating Antarctica! And as part of that, our teacher paired up with Kelly Tarlton's Staff, and gave us kids, the opportunity to investigate Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life!

Arriving at 8:22, I noticed my friend “Rave, Rave” I shouted. Running to her, I saw that the buses hadn't arrived it, “Can you believe it” “ I arrived earlier that Mr S and the Bus” Rave said. Walking to the classroom I saw that it was our teacher Mr S who opened the door. “So Rave” I said “Who opened the door” I asked “Mr S” she whispered!

Hopping into the bus, we raced to the very back. “ Josephine, Quasia and Rave, Come sit here” I shouted, Sitting in our pairs, we saw that Mr S, was sitting right next to us. Making jokes, and singing we thought, that there was a still long way to go but “HHHHHHH” went the bus, “ Were here now” Mr S said.

Getting of the bus, I started walking, as I was walking, I looked down, and saw the lovely footprint’s of Penguins. “ This way, This way” said one of the staff members, getting into the entrance, it felt like we were actually under water!

To Be Continued......... Part 2 will be uploaded with Photos! 

Thanks to Josephine for checking my Work!