Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Science Roadshow.

Wouldn't it be fun to discover interesting things about yourself that you never knew about? Like how food goes thur your system. What kinds of things that are in your system, and how much negative things come out of us. Thursday morning, Class 4 as well as Class 3 walked down towards Tamaki Collage. Waiting outside of the auditorium I couldn't wait to see what they had ready for us.

Walking into the Tamaki Collage hall, we saw asortments of stands. Not just anykinds of stands science stands. During our teaching time there, one of the staff/teachers grabed 3 volunteers. The frist volunteer, had to blow through a tube to see how much air was in her lungs. Defenetly, I was expecting that the volunteer would have heaps of air in her lungs, but really she/he didn't. While she was blowing the air out, the colour of the liqud was slowly changing. 
That was pretty incredble!
          *I don't remember who the frist volunteer was. 

The second volunteer was Auri, the question was how TALL would he be when he is 2⃣0⃣.  How did we find out? Well the teacher each had app installed in their phone, which was called 'Size me Up' and it would tell you. So we entered His age, how tall he was at that momment and his name, we then pressed enter. The result came, and we saw how tall he was going to be when he turned 2⃣0⃣. It's probaly not true, but we shall wait for the future.
PS: I think that he was just 3inchs higher than the height he is.

After a few experements with the teachers, we got the oppertunity to viwe the asortment of stands. My favorite stand was the 'Foot Piano' insted of using your hand to play an piano, you could always use your feet. Overall I thought that the Science Road Show was awesome, I enjoyed every bit of it. Hopefully we will get the chance to got there again.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sound Explanation.

Sound. What is it? When an object vibrates, it pushes the air molecules  into each other which starts a reaction of collusion  thats travels in the air. The collusion travels in waves, which is also known as soundwaves.. When theses sound waves  hit your ear drum it vibrates in your ear. It then converts  electrical signals which interprets the brain, then our brain notice it as sound.

How is sound different? Sound is different by the pitch. The pitch goes high as well as low. The volumes a different. Did you know that when the sound waves are small the pitch is high. And when the sound waves are big,  the pitch is low, very interesting right?

Did you know that there is no sound in space. That is because there is no air for the air molecules to make sound. So in space there is no sound at all, because there can’t be any vibration between the air molecules. Don’t you think the world will be very weird, and quite boring if there was no sound. Sound has a huge impact in our lifes, we use it as a everyday living.

Sound Project.

Recently I have been working on my Sound animation/project. It is what kinds of things can make sound. Check it out, make sure to tune in, in the next couple of weeks to see what Echolocation is and how Sound Vibrates.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Scotland Flag.

I am pretty sure that you know what a Scottish flag will look like it's simple, It has a white bold  and the background is black, surely you have seen it before. The Scotland flag recently been on the news due to the Independence bid flags questions about Union Jack.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Alexander Graham Bell.

This is my Alexander Graham Bell presentation. Hope you enjoy!

Comparison between Malawi and Aotearoa.

During extension we made a little presentation, about what the differences are between Malawi and NZ. Look very carefully and you will see a huge change.

Scientific Method.

I have made a Scientific method, it shows what the steps are and how you do it.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

234 Girls abducted from a boarding school.

2 and a half week, earlier 234 Girls from the age 16 to 18 were abducted from a boarding school in northeastern Nigeria. By a group of people from Islamic Militants who is known by the name of Boko Haram.  The group of girls were taken overnight while they were there to take a exam, but it then was cancelled cause they needed security. Apparently The group *Boko Haram arrived there before the girls left and took the girls in the dark, once they finished the set the school to fire. 

Did you know that 2 weeks before the kidnapping the Boko Haram group killed 59 boys at another school. People of Nigeria have been marching, on streets with signs saying #Bringbackourgirls / Bring back our girls. America and Britain have been taking part and has been trying to track down the girls.
Here Is What You Need to Know About the Kidnapped Girls of Nigeria

Keep praying and hope to bring back our girls.
#Bring back our girls

What is Echolocation?

Echolocation is a sound wave which locates an object. Whales, People  as well as other creatures use Echolocation, not only to see but to sense their prey. They send high-pitched sound which bounces off an object and ricochets back to the mammals/people.

Bats send sound waves using two different ways, thur their Mouths OR their Nose. When the sound that the bats send out hits an object it comes ricocheting back the exact same sound. Did you know that when the sound echoes back, the bats can tell what the Shape, Size of the creature is.  Isn’t that just amazing!

Ben Underwood - Cancer was Bens sickness he was diagnosed with blindness when he was only 2 years of age. Then when he was still 2, his mother had the decision to take out his eyes or continue doing treatment. And she chose to take out his eyes.

Since then Ben has been blind, but he has discovered a new ability. He has started clicking, when he clicks the objects near by echos back the same sound and thats how he knows that there's something near by.  He can now run up the steps and skate.

Dolphins, also use Echolocation not to see but to sense their prey. When dolphins send out a sound it bounces off their prey, and then the Dolphins alert to the sound and swims towards the prey. Echolocation is just another way of communicating. It is not only for animals but for humans too.  

Two years after the making of a documentary on him, his cancer came back and he passed. - Rest Easy Ben.

Friday, May 9, 2014

First week of school Done and Dusted.

Wow, the first week of school flashed by so fast. So far I have learnt a lot and only in 5 days. I have learnt that not only Bees collect nectar but bats do too, they are called Nectar Eating bats. I made a presentation about it if you want to know more. I also learnt that when you make a sound things that are nearby with echo back that same sound and that is how you know that there is object nearby. I can't wait to see what the year has for me.


Today our class tried something a bit different for reading. We got the chance to go on a website called Quizlet. It is a website where you have words and the meanings of the words. Once you have it stuck is your brain, you then have a test. It somtimes gives you the meaning and you have to try guess the word,  and sometimes it give you the word and you have to guess the meaning.  Quizlet

Call of the Blooms - Nectar Eating Bats.

Did you know that not only Bees collect nectar , Bats do too!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly.

I walked into school and there it was the topic board. "I like to move it, move it". I had no clue what it meant but I just wanted to wait for assembly. Oops, you may be wondering why I would want to wait for assembly. Each term on the first day we always have Immersion Assembly, it's not like other assemblies. It is Different. And by different it was really different.

We started the day a bit like this: I arrived at school at 7:50am just before 8:00am. Finally I was reunited with my friends again. We had a little chit chat, then the ball rang "Well I guess its time to go to class" Mao exclaimed. I ran towards my class but there was still no sign of our teacher. "Miss Squires" I yelled. It was just after 8:30am and Miss Squires arrived.

Entering our class room, we only had 20 minutes to mark the roll, and put the chairs away. Class 4 started by doing the roll and soon after the roll, we quickly put the chairs in their places and then we were off to assembly. Slowly walking to the hall, I saw a bunch of balloons taped to the ground. "I think they're helium balloons" I thought to myself. We finally were seated.

"Tena kotou tamariki ma" Mr Burt Yelled. "Tena Koe Mr Burt" we yelled. And from there on that's where the fun began. The performances started from Team 1. They presented a movie that was based on the zoo. It wasn't about the animals, it was about all the things that makes a zoo safe, not only for animals but for people who visit.

Then it was time for Team 2, I thought they did a terrific job. Their act was based on magnificent flying machines. It was great. All the team 2 teachers were dressed as planes, and Mrs Glaze was the pilot of all the planes. The teachers were Miss Eadie, Mrs She, Mrs Glaze and Miss Dwyer. They were great actors.

Team 1 - Zoo Safety.
Team 2 - Magnificent Flying machines, Pilot, Fairy.
Team 3 - Colours, and speed of Light.
Team 4 - Buoyancy and flotation.
Team 5 - Sound.

Over all the morning was great, I enjoyed all of the performances!