Friday, October 26, 2012

What I think of Pt. England School.

I go to Pt England School. And my Class Room is room 14. My teacher is Miss Ouano she is a really cool teacher. She loves to bake and teach. You may think that I'm an ordinary girl but really I'm a super star that goes to Pt. England school. I love Pt England school. It brings joy to my hart whenever I look around seeing people smile. I love this school and I'll will never replace this school with another school.


 This is my Toy Circuits and Motor


This is my Narrtive in a Presentation.         

My Tidy Tens.

Thank you for watching my Presentation make sure to leave me
some feedback.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

You the boom.

Thank You Josephine my dear friend. For make this amazing butterfly... It's so so amazing I wish I could stick it on my netbook. But next time I'll pit it on my hair.... 

You are Amazing.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Gangnam STYLE!!!!

Over a million people have found their goodness, from just only one video. Gangnam Style has hit over a million views. This Style has brang joy to people such as kids and adults.

PSY relesed this song t the world on the 15th July 2012 which was my Friends birthday Josephine. Since trhis song came out it has been a huge hit for monthes and monthes.

This vidoe is based on Horses, Ladies, Dancers and lastly different places! It has hit Number #1 on you tube 100! Wow , who had thought a Korean singer would become so famous after all?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Meet my teacher.

When I walked along The Path at school I was so excited to meet my new Classroom!! As I kept on walking I saw My best friends Ana, Jordeene, Gloria, Sela and Laita But the rest were not there yet. When I saw them I raced  To the door Just to give them a hug. We saw Miss Ouano's Lovely face poking out the Window.

My Goal of  2012 is to get better and be better  So I can recieve something at the end of the year!!

Happy Birthday !!!

I just wanted to remind you that I love you a lot and thank god everyday for blessing me with a friend that is just simple amazing. So when you think there is on one who understands or cares. Just remeber that I love you and try to SMILE !!!!!! Happy Birthday Nikki.

Play Room!!!

Hello there, Meet my playroom. My playroom is my favourite room in the world. I took time and I created this on Tux Paint. Which is a drawing program on our Netbooks. Have a look at it and leave me some feed back on what I have to work on.

Tidy Ten's.

This year Our group has been learning about all the things that our teacher has been telling us about, But today we have been going back to our maths that we learnt last year. I hope you like my Tidy Ten's work sheet.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Narrative Writing The Shops.

Summer sat down at yet-another Shop waiting for her Ice Cream to be served to her. Sitting there she felt bored so she walked around the block to make sure she doesn't fall asleep.

Walking back she realized that some by the name of Cameron had taken her order “ What a thief “ she said. So she walked back and asked for a refund but the lady said “ SORRY NO REFUNDS ”

But as the night went pass Police cars filled up the shops looking for a girl named CAMERON “ YOUNG LADY HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL “ in a shivering way Summer answered back “ Y---E---S ”

“ Are you cameron ” asked the police’s to a young lady walking by. “ No ” she answered back. But really when you look into her eyes the Policies knew straight away. “ Young lady you are arrested for stealing and for lying to the police ” “ Sorry summer for stealing your Ice Cream”.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mr. Potato Head

MrPotato Head was the first toy advertised on television. Mr. Potato Head's birthday was on May 1, 1952. It was on this day that the incredible toy was first released. In 1953, Mrs. Potato Head was introduced to the world soon followed by the little Potato heads. 

What a Toys?

 Toys are Objects that all kind of people can play with. It can bring joy to Children and Adults. They are made out of Wood, Metal, Wool and Strings.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lucky Prize Winners.

Listing and Looking, Mrs Burt came out and said " now it time for some prize for people who have been sharing there knowledge on there blog!!!. Sitting there I though to myself, there is not way that it would be me. I got it last term so I think I might not get it again. Then the next thing you know... my name is called out in first place is ..."LESIELI" ... I froze and looked.There was Mrs Burt waiting for me to come up. I got a prize pack and my friend Josephine and Rave had one too.

Thanks very much for picking me it an pleasure to get this prize again!!!!

Seeing My Inspirational Crew!!!!

Sitting on hot warm sand Lemonade ran thought my mouth as I yelled " I'm living the dream ". I wanted to go for swim but I was too lazy to get up, Even thought the water was right there.  Getting the sun screen out I feel of hammock and landed on my head " Haha " yelled my brother. " Be quite Joe " said my mother.

 Walking along the road of Hawaii I saw a really really big buliding I wonder what it was so I walked in side to see if anyone was there " Hello Hello " I said. But no one answered back. 

 Talking along the side I realized it was a stage, so I walked back stage, And I saw My Inspiration Crew 8 FLAVAHZ. " AHHHH " they all looked at me as I slapped my face to make sure my eye sight was all right. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Four sister's taken from there Mother.

On Wednesday the Third of October 2012 Four sister's were taken from there mother by polices. The girls age's was 9 to 15. On Thursday night, the girls were placed on a flight that was going to land in Dubai en route in Italy. 

The girls came on a holiday with there mother and never returned. The girls aged 14 and 15, had been split from their younger two sisters last night and taken to a nearby location.

I think that they should take the kids word... Cause it doesn't matter what the parents think....

Saturday, October 6, 2012

School Holidays.

Wow I never thought this day will ever come around, Last week it was the greatest day for Pt . England School, It wad the Holidays! Room Fourteen had fun joining the sun to celebrate the last day of school.

It was really hard work, Josephine and I had to un-plug some flat screen and transport it to the music room. It was so so so hard or arms were sore, We cleaned up the classroom and got everything sorted and done. 

After Lunch Time our nice teacher Miss Ouano gave us some Lamination and some Cake she the best teacher ever or should I say Backer...


( My Narrative Writing ) Trouble in the great Marathon

On a gougers fall morning Summer boarded tickets heading sight for Auckland city. She was really excited, she was making a visit to her old school to sign up for the great Marathon. Her hair tingled as she walked up to the school.

" Well Well " said Mr Burt, " What are you doing here ". " I heard about the Great Marathon and I decided to sign up ". But as I got ready I saw my Enemies oh no things a going to get really dirty.

Tune in Next week to see what Happens next...