Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Private Jet ( Narrative )

People say that I, Jet the plane, is the best Private Jet ever. Brooke Warner, my owner has been working hard to keep our customers satisfied. “Kia Ora, our aircraft for today is Mason, and our destination is wellington”. “The weather out in wellington is raining with, south westerly winds". “Thank you for picking plane Jet to fly with".

Today dad was heading to wellington, and I have been left behind!.Me and John. Are siblings theres only 2 of us, but we have many half brothers and sisters. Last night when we got home, the phone rang. Rushing to the phone we both grabbed it. “Hello” “Yeah yah, is the the O'Brien family?” “Yes, I'm Rachel and this is John, how may we help you?”

“Your, Your father has been killed in a plane accident, and has sadly passed away” “Wait what, dad has what” “Yes I’m afraid so” said the voice thru the phone.” Rachel froze she couldn't believe what had happened.

Early that day Rachel, was so angry at her dad and said so mean words to him. But she never expected his life will be gone so early. “This is all my fought!” Shouted Rachel, "I should have never said that to him"

“Rachel stop blaming yourself” said John “Stop blaming yourself for what?” Said Kimberly “Mummm, dad has passed away in a plane accident” “What, no you can’t be serious?” “Mum she's telling the truth” said John.

“Turn on the Tele turn on the tele!” Yelled Rachel. “We are live with breaking reports, we cross to Francis for more information” said the news reporter “ At approximately 10:00 the winds coming down from Wellington was, so strong that Jet lost control and crashed into Green bay”

“10 people has  been killed in accident and 10 has major injuries” “But, there is still no clue, of the aircraft” “We would be back with you in 10” “Turn it off turn it off” “I can’ take it any more” shouted Rachel.

"We are back with more information, It has been said that the aircraft, had did a runner" Costumers say "Well, we were just taking off, and as we were taking off, the plane had just stooped" "Then the next thing you know we a heading right for the bay" Since that crash, we have lost our dad, and "Plane Jet" is out of business.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wellington Trip ( Part 1 )

7:30: Plane Trip
Today, we are off to the wonderful capital Wellington! So far we are enjoying the ride, and looking outside is the best part of the trip. Recently we have been blogging about Taxes and things that would happen without anybody paying taxes. Well, all that blogging was for our trip today, which was going to Wellington, and speaking to the IRD. ( Inland Revenue Department )

8:30: Arriving at Wellington
We have currently just came off the plane, and so far I am not liking it at all. The weather is terrible, and to top it off, while we are in the Van, you can feel the Van moving as it drives through the city. But maybe, just because Wellington knows that Auckland people are here. Heheh, just joking. Anyway, are on our way to the IRD, and we can't wait to get there. I'll update you when we get there.

8:50: Inland Revenue Department/Speech
WOW, we have just got here and it is impressive. Instead of pressing the up and down button in between the lift, there is a number pad. You then press a number and tells you which lift to go to.  So here we are in the one and only IRD and it is amazing. Nichole, our "Organiser" has been very great, and has provided us with Lunch and Afternoon tea, as well as little prize packs! Incredible. Now wish us luck for our speech.

10:30: Speech done and dusted. Part 1
Feewhee, we have just finished our speech and we are currently eating. Besides eating we are really enjoying the view, across the IRD is a huge building. the Railway Station. Then beside it is BNZ, then on the other side of the building is, one section of Victoria University.

10:30: Mr and Mrs Burts Speech. Part 2
Every time, after the ambassadors have given their speech, Mr and Mrs Burt explain further and that is what is happening now. Wellington is great!  Our next stop is the Beehive ( Parliament )

10:50: Parliament.
Okay now that everything is done and dusted, it is just time to head to parliament.

To be Continued... In the next few weeks.............

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Meeting Simon O'Connor

During our trip to Wellington, we had the pleasure to meet Simon O'Connor, our Member of Parliament for the Tamaki electorate. While on our tour around parliament, we had the pleasure to meet him. Even thought he was supposed to be in a very important meeting he took the time to take photos with us on the steps of parliament. Then at 11:30 he came into the education room, and told about his job. Terrific!

Welcome to our world Darling!

At 6:00 in the morning, we got a phone call from our cousin telling us that we needed the be at the hospital. Rushing to go the hospital, we thought that someone has passed, or someone was injured. But the cause was something completely different. Our aunty had been in labour, and has had baby Sosaia.

You cute little thing!


In the 3 years that I have been learning at Pt England School, I have shared over 300 posts. Today I sat down and worked out how many blog posts I have shared during my years at P.E.S and I found out that I posted 529. I mean 530 including this one!

Wellington Story Snippet!

Now, I am currently writing about our trip to Wellington. So far I have wrote about, the Plane trip, arriving at the IRD, The Weather, Our Speech and the Beehive ( Parliament ). You better be looking forward for my story.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Farming Narrative.

With wind blowing against his back, Travis stretched his aching arms and grabbed onto a piece of the next door neighbour's wheat. Struggling to pull the wheat, the wheat came free. He felt so relieved.

“Finally” Travis thought to himself as a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead.  Trudging through the thick snow, he made his way up the icy steps to find that his house was full of ice. He lifted his hand and knocked. Clanking door knobs echoed everywhere.  In his house there was a shovel, and a bag of corn seeds.

Travis stood there speechless, playing with his fingers. To show respect, Travis bowed down to the bag of corn seed. The next day Travis woke up extra early. Pouring the seed into a huge bowl he set of.

So off he went, he took the Shovel and the corn bag of seed. Digging little wholes, he put 2 seeds in a whole.As he was pouring the seeds into the holes, he felt something weird, trickle down his back spine. Din Din Din. It was Kimberley, the woman that Travis hated for many years.

“So, I see that you have, that that bag of wheat seeds?” “Um-Um yeah”. “So, tomorrow morning, I need that seed bag” “But it, was a gift for me!” “Not you” replied Travis.  “It doesn't matter if it for me or you” “I just need that bag!”
The following day Travis woke, up. And instead of taking the bag of seeds, he hid it. So he grabbed the key and went down to, Kimberley house. Knock Knock went the door knob. Kim opened it up. “Yeah, so where's my bag of seeds?“So Kim, I so sorry to tell, you but, while I was cleaning up last night, I looked back, and bag of seed was gone” To Be Continued!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wellington Here we come!

Wow, 1 more sleep then that us, off on the plane and away into the capital! I still can't believe that we are really going. Talking to the head people of the IRD, then a parliament tour, then Te Papa and then History Rides! Isn't that just amazing!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting Ready to go to Wellington.

Wow, 2 more sleeps till the lovely ambassadors, are off on a plane! Exciting yah. Last week, the ambassadors were working hard, to get things prepared for Wellington. In Wellington, I am pretty sure that we are going to have, an amazing time. So I should make sure that, I wake up early. 6:00 On the dot, is time to be at school.


Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Rapunzel. One day while she was picking up rubbish, in her house, her mother came and said “ Rapunzel, I’m going to be out for a few days, so take care” so of she went.

As soon as rapunzels mother left, rapunzel felt the need of going to her mothers room. So on she walked, when she walked into her mothers room, there was a coat on top of the bed.

Pulling the coat down, there was a letter under it. In that letter she found her mothers name on it, so she started to read it. The letter was from a lady called Jade ( Rapunzel real mother ).

In the letter, Jade, said that she wanted to see Rapunzel, her daughter. Then at the bottom of the letter, it said to drop her off to Tauranga. So guess what? Rapunzel left auckland, for Tauranga.

When, Rapunzels mother found the letter, she had the feeling of revenge. So as revenge, She turned up to Jade’s house just before Rapunzel, and said that she had rapunzel with her.

As Jade was coming out of the house, Rapunzels mother, grabbed her by the hand dragged her to a secret place, and started to assault her. She punched her several times to the head.

Now, that her revenge was done, she ran off leaving Jade unconscious. “Arch-Arch” Jade cried out. While she was crying out, Rapunzel was just around the corner, and went to Jade.

When she got there Jade said “Rapunzel” when Rapunzel heard her saying her name, she look shocked. “How, how do you know my name?” Without no reply Rapunzel called for help. While, they were at the hospital, Jade explained everything, and why she gave Rapunzel up.

Up to this date, Rapunzels real mother still can’t be found anywhere.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

What would happen if no-one paid their taxes?

Could you survive without Hospitals, Doctors, School, Police’s and The Navy?  What would our community look like? How would crime be solved without the police? And that’s why paying taxes, is an important part of New Zealand life.

You might be wondering, what the word taxes mean. Taxes is a special fee that the government requires to pay for : Health, Heritage, Culture, and Recreation, Transport and Communication Education, Social Security and Welfare, Housing and Community Development.

If taxes are not paid, you will get penalised, and the environment that we will be living in will be dirty! Penalised means that ,if you haven’t paid the recent amount of tax, there will be extra charges.


If everybody didn’t pay their taxes, the things that we need the most will slowly disappear! Such as: Hospital Staff won’t get paid, medicine will run out, Care for the patient’s will no longer be there. Police won’t be around, to help people if they are having trouble. But of course the rich people will be able to pay their taxes. But let's think of the poor. 

The main functions of Inland Revenue Department are the Assessment and the collection of taxes. The department has 6 subdivided. Out of those six I can only name 3 : Administrative, Data processing, Property Taxes.

Property Tax, is a different kind, of tax. This tax, is when a homeowner has bought a house. Even though the owner has bought the house and it is theirs, it still means that the owner has to pay property tax!

GST is tax, but a different kind of tax. GST tax, is when you go shopping, and you will find GST, at the bottom of the receipt. You may have noticed that when you buy something, like a toy or a game, in a store the price tag says $.99, the shop keeper will be expected to give 15% of that amount to the government.

The IRD, collects the money by taking money out of peoples income. After collecting the money, the IRD takes the money that they have collected from taxes and hands it to the government, to spend on good cause such as : Health, Recreation Centres, Transportation, Education and Community development.

You can get money not only from that tax money taken out of your income, but you can get the money from Charities and Churches (eg 7th Day Adventist Church ).

Taxes, by law are required to be paid. At times people who earn money and don't pay their taxes, but little do they know, it could cause a massive impact! You could go to jail or Court, you could be suspended from your job, or even the government won't supply you with money anymore. 

When you enter university you will find that you borrow money called a student loan. Student loans are designed to help students pay for university books, extra classes and more. By law, you will have to pay it back, when you have  finished university.

Revenue means Money ( Inland Money Department !). Tax is not from the government! It is from the people who are working and are earning income. Tax money goes to fund many different types of programmes.

It might be used to fix roads and bridges, or even it also might be used to pay for hospitals, healthcare, welfare and It may be used to help your own education.

In 2010, the government spent 60$ billion dollars on the things we need the most. 64.5 BILLION dollars is the amount of that, was used to help the things that we need the most.


Without paying your taxes, the environment that we will be living in will be super dirty! There won't be school, no Hospitals, no Police and there won't be any jobs for you mums and dads! So that why paying your taxes is important.

Monday, October 14, 2013

I've got Questions. But no Answers!

  • When it is Lunch time for human beings, it is the same for the animals too? 
  • Where would be the best place to keep an animal, if it is trying to escape? 
  • What is the most important part of farming? 
  • How hard is it to mow the whole farm back in the day? 
  • Who is suitable to farm? 
  • Which animal is the hardest to control? 
  • How long does it take to shave a whole sheep?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

XFactor ( Holiday 12 )

The show is heating up, and there is a new twist to it. The "Four Seat Challenge". Last night, the judges, got told which group they are coaching! Simon is Coaching "The Groups" Demi with the "Girls" Kelly with the "Over 25's". And the judge that they call SeƱorita with the "Boys"

Going to Tonga! ( Holiday 12 )

"Um, yeah so a you still coming with Joe?" "To where" "To Tonga". OMG, I can't believe that I get to go Tonga! I know that I have been there a lot, but I am excited because, I haven't been there lately and I am looking, forward to seeing my Grandpa and my Brother! Can't wait, even tough we a going in 2 months! But anyway!

The amount of Blogging I have done! ( Holiday 12 )

Wow, guess how many post I have did during the Holidays! 34 plus this one equals 35!!! And Guess what? I have done 30 post's in October, all about my holiday! I can't believe how many post I have done! Great right. And the exciting bit is that, I am close to getting 300 post in 2013! My ambassador's script is right! I sure am a Prolific blogger!

The Big Fan... ( Holiday 12 )

In our house, just above the Television, there hangs down, a Huge Fan! It's huge and it's pretty, it has plat, and I think that It is pretty cool! One day I took, it off and used it as a actual fan, and guess what! It gave me fresh fresh air! I love it, maybe I would take it off again.

How to Enjoy your Holiday ( Holiday 12 )

The best way to enjoy your holiday, is too! Lie in bed or Outside and enjoy the sun, or in other words, enjoy the Television! Today I am celebrating the end of holidays by, finishing off my midnight snacks from last night, and putting on my clothing that we bought last night, as well as the jewellery.

Jobs For Me ( Holiday 12 )

In 2016 I would love to be a Lawyer! But, in my spare time I would also, like to be a professional Photographer! Since some of my family a, Professional Photographer, I would like to take a shot at doing it too. But in the mean time, I am just going to concentrate at school, and learning!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Shopping Tonight ( Holiday 11 )

Today we went shopping, I bought me some nappy tabs ( Pants ) and a top to go with it! We then went to diva, and bought me some Jewellery! After buying jewellery, I went and bought so midnight snacks! Now, I am currently watching The Scorpion rising of the warriors or something like that!

Last week of Holidays ( Holiday 11 )

Well, I have to say that I am  glad that I am going back to school, really! Staying home isn't that fun as going to school, and playing with friends! And learning. The thing that I am looking forward to this term is, going to the Lovely capital Wellington, and wondering what the Topic is!

Happy Birthdayxxxxx ( Holiday 11 )

Happy Birthday Sesi! Your birthday is today and I just wanted to dedicate a few words: Lot's of joy, happiness, health and love. At this time many years ago, Heavenly Father sent us a lovely angle! Who grew to be an angle! So Happy Birthday!

Missing You ( Holiday 11 )

It's nearly been a year since you have been living with our Heavenly father. Next month on the 16, it will be your 1st year since you have been sleeping. It doesn't help knowing that you a gone! Really I hate the fact, that your not around any more. I miss all the times that we had together! Hopefully I will be reunited with you one day Sleeping Beauty.

Rest In Paradise Inoke

J Stringz ( Holiday 11 )

J Stringz is a togan singer, that sings cover of songs and is also a kava singer! He has millions of fans! And the thing that make is better is that, he has a lot of covers! J Stringz has recently, uploaded a cover of "Drink it up" on to YouTube. Check it out on YouTube, and if you get the chance, check out his other songs.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Minion Rush Update! ( Holiday 10 )

Since Halloween is coming up, Minion Rush has updated! It has a whole new look to it, insted of a normal slide, it's a slimy slide! And insted of a fire limbo, it is a line with bones! Creppy right! Ahhhhhhh Cr-eee-py!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween this month! ( Holiday 9 )

This year, is Halloween! And guess what, I am celebrating it! Last year for Halloween, I was dresed as a witch! But, this year it looks like I am going to be dressing up, as a Angle! Anyways, hope you have been enjoying your holiday! I haven't been! 

NCEA ( Holiday 9 )

Yesterday, my brother came back home, with an access key! For what? I hear you asking, well, I think that every student at Tamaki Collage recived this! This access Key, is a ID card, that gives you the access to attend a metting that helps your child get ready for, 2013 NCEA!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Going to the Pools ( Holiday 8 )

Were going to the pools! Yay, Today I got the plesure to go to the pools with my family! We are currently etting ready to go, but it looks like we a going to the Panmure pool! Ohh well it better than staying home right! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Best I have ever Done! ( Holiday 7 )

Wow, this is the best that I have been all term! Wow, I am still speechless! I can't believe that this is the best that I have done all term! Wonderful Wonderful!!! 

Same Shedule today! ( Holiday 7 )

Well, today is just the same as every other day. Same old blogging, same old maths! But tomorrow we are planning, to go to the Pools. But, for today it's just the same old holiday! I know right boring...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

What have I learnt this Last Term ( Holiday 6 )

Last term in reading, we were learning about: Retelling the main points of a story and understanding the moral of the story. Each week, we had a online story to read! After reading the story we had to create a document and retell the story using your own words! When we have finished retelling the story, we had to create an voice over on audio boo, saying part of your story

Maths DLO Below:

This term in Rhombus, we have been learning to Solve division problem with remainders. And there was 2 special strategies we used to solve these problems! There names were: X 10 and Landmark. Check out the video above to see what I have been talking about.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Learn , Create , Share Sneak Peak ( Holiday 5 )

Tonight, I have stayed up, to finish my script for Learn , Create and Share! In this script, I have talked about what our focus on was in during term 3, in my reading group. The story that I had been talking about in this script is "Helen Of Troy"

Despicable me 2 ( Holiday 5 )

Seriously how many times have I watched Despicable me 2? I think I have watched it a million times! Despicable me 2, has to be the top movie! On my birthday, My friends and I went to the movie's and decided it was a good ideal to watch it! After that, I got the video for a present! And now I am addicted to it!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Blog ( Holiday 4 )

Happy Birthday to you! Today at around 8:30, my blog turned 5! Yay, so today my blog will start school! Well, she'll just start talking to other blogs AKA ( Commenting on other friends her age ) So Happy Birthday Blog! You have been growing up to fast!

Year 6 Camp This Coming Up Term ( Holiday 4 )

Wow, I didn't remember that there was camp this coming up term! As I was reading my Bio About myself, I saw that I wrote down, that I am looking forward to going to that camp! And I sure am looking forward to it.

500th Post! ( Holiday 4 )

Wow, look how long I have went! From 53 too 500! That, has to be a big steep from me. Dang I still can't believe that I have went from 53 to 500!!! I am so happy, can't wait to get to 600 that's for sure... Hopefully I get 600!

53 - 500

Day Light Saving ( Holiday 4 )

Daylight Saving, is when the clock goes an hour a head. Daylight Saving is only used in different parts of New Zealand, Some lands don't even know that DLS is real. In some lands,  they know that there is something called DLS but it is not being used in that country!  

What are going to be the differences this term? ( Holiday 4 )

So I wonder what the differences are going to be next term? Maybe I will have a different Maths teacher or even a different Reading teacher? Well, I sure do look forward to next term! I also can't wait to see what the differences a going to be!

No more Ambassadors Next Year! ( Holiday 4 )

Wow, I can't imagine knowing that next year I won't be an Ambassador. I wish that I could stay as an ambassador till I leave to go to collage.  I love being an Ambassador, I get to travel but, it is also great because we get to represent Pt England.

Getting prepared to go Wellington ( Holiday 4 )

Recently, we got invited to go to Wellington. For what I hear you say? Well, at the beginning of this term, we had ambassadors, and while that was happening, one of the visitors, was so impressed that she invited us to go to Wellington!

Rest In Peace Moeaki Jr ( Holiday 4 )

A couple of days, ago we got the tragic news, that our little baby nephew passed, while being the mothers stomach. Then the following day, we sepnt the day at the hospital, waiting for the mother to have the baby. We then came back home and had a little mini funral, then we put him down, and he remains in the house in a pot plant! 

Rest In Peace Darling! You touched our lives for a momment, but your memory lives on forever! 


Day at Rainbowsend ( Holiday 3 )

Entering Rainbowsend, we saw the the brotheres and sisters were there! Rai n Bow, we first took a couple of photos with Rai n Bow, then after taking photo's, we went to our frist ride. Which was the Goldrush, after going on the goldrush, my little brother thought that it will be a great ideal to go to motion masters! 

After all, we had a great day! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Going Rainbowsend! ( Holiday 3 )

Yesterday, we got a phone call from my little brother, asking me and my brother if we wanted to go Rainbowsend today! And guess what the answer was? .......... Yes! So today, I probably won't be blogging! 

Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Things that need working on ( Holiday 2 )

Last term, there was a lot of things, that was left undone for me! So therefore I have decided that, as soon as school starts, the first thing that I will be working on are a couple of things! Like : FairyTale Animation, MineCraft,  Movie and much more! I also need to be working on my Ambassadors' presentation as we will be travailing to the lovely capital Wellington!!

Learning the Guitar ( Holiday 2 )

This week, I have been busy learning the Guitar with my brother. I learnt "Tears in Heaven" and more, but the song that I am looking forward to learning, is "Dying Day" by Alo Key! The song, is a sad song, that makes you feel better. It sings about, the memory that you had with the person you had lost! Check it out on YouTube : Alo Key - Dying Day.

Dead Harry ( Holiday 2 )

All around the world, children get free books. And so did our school children. A few weeks, ago we got given books. I chose a book, that was called Dead Harry! (Because I an into horror and killing books) The book, is about a boy called Harry, that was doing his homework one night, and while he was working he a face on the computer, and just as he turned around to check who it was he was dead in a flash! Check the book, out to see what you think of it!