Friday, December 7, 2012

Why I want to Be an Ambassador

The reason I want to be an ambassador is because I am able to share my learning and what I have created this year. Learn , Create , Share has always been the top thing in my life. Especially my school life. 

I think that I would be a great Ambassador for Pt England School is because I am never shy. And the great thing is that I can share what I have been learning this year with the world. 

This Link is to my Pop Art movie.
What I have learnt from this movie is that not only bright and dark colours there a more. Learning about the colours were hard but I managed to get it done in the end. I created this on Imovie which is a movie program. Then I shared it on my Blog!.

Sorry for putting this in late , but I also have been learning how to make Google Drawing, Presentations and Forms. At first I thought that it was pretty hard but then I managed to get on with it. And share it with the world My very first Google Drawing was about school, and here's the Link to it.

Here is another link to one of my math strategies that I also did using google drawing.

Lesieli Vala.

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