Monday, March 31, 2014

Maths DLO - Week 8

There were 161 apples in the crate which had to be shared out between 7 classes. How many do each class get?

Maths DLO - Week 8

The race was 24.3 km long. So far teri has run 17.8 km. How much further has she got to go? .

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Festival of Education.

Today, we are her at the Festival of Education. At the moment we are having a blast, check our photo out. We have been making movies, about our day. Hopefully we will get to share it with you. See you on Monday!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Netbook update.

If you haven't already known I have and new digital device and it is a New acer ChromeBook. I love it, it is perfect. The number one thing I like about it is that, it starts up fast. It feels like it has titanium Speakers because it is very loud. And it is just the right size. Check it out!

This is a Legal Image.


This is what I have been creating in Tech, It is a bird and I made it for my mother. I am in the process of making it look like a mirroring look. Check it out. 

Maths DLO

This is my Maths DLO I have created using Educations. Enjoy Watching!

Xtramath Result.

This is my Xtramath Result, Best I have did so far.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Fiafia is a event at our school which often happens every year. It is a cultural event where most of the cultures are displayed not only through food, Picture but through actions. Each culture has a group, and what they do in that group is practise some items. This year I am in Hawaiian not only because I want to, but I want to discover about different cultures.  This year our tutors are Miss Eadie and Miss Ouano, they have been great tutor to work with. We are currently learning out 3 song and so far we a lovin it!

Show Not Tell.

Keri rubbed her sweaty Palms together as she waited on the Carpet for her to be called, with sweat rolling down her face she had no chance but to run to the bathroom, for Tissues. But by the time she got back the teachers had left. Was she in the Netball Team?

“No you're too young” Emily’s sister said. Emily ran thru the hallway
She kicked open the room door, letting it slam against the wall as she dashed into her room bed. Falling onto the bed you could see tears streaming down her face. Looking in the mirror you could see her face was red. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

She jumped up and down, run up and down the stairs, she couldn't help it she was getting a new dress. “Yo, sista were nearly going” With sweat streaming down her face, she go anxious”Mum I can’t find my shoes.  Mary was running everywhere looking for her shoes, she looked down her wrist where her watch sat. “Ohh noh the shop is closing soon!” Her heart was pounding fast as possible. Was she going to make it in time? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
He looked at the timer only 1 minute left on the clock. The ball went over Kyles head and into Tama’s hands. There was 3 penalty shots, she misses every show and his team loses. His heart was beating fast “What are the boy going to say” he said to himself. “Tama, you couldn't even get a score” Tama, turned around crunched his fist together and Kyle was out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cyclone Lusi.

Cyclone Lusi is going to be approaching us tonight, and I would just like to send my prayers out to everyone who is in trouble at the moment. God bless you all, keep safe and stay inside. Don't go buy food like we did!

We can over come this!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I am a Daughter
Child of my Mother

I am a Netball player
But mainly Shooter.

I am Confident
At all times.

I am simple.  
Cause thats me!

Lesieli is My name
Blue is my colour
I am so confident, funny and generous.
Daughter of my father and my mother.     
Lover of chocolate and my family.
I am so happy.
I have been to tonga the best place on Earth.
Shoes are the main things that I need.
Scared of spiders and Seagulls.
 Someday I would like to visit Russia
Resident of Auckland New Zealand.
Rachel that's my Nickname.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Rave!

I would like to wish, Rave my best friend a Happy Happy Birthday. Rave is turning 11 and I can't wait for her birthday on Saturday to Friday!  Once again Happy birthday Rave!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Kapa Haka.

Today I official joined the Kapa Haka group, and to be very honest it it amazing. We learn new waiata's and, we learn new actions. Patrick Gemmell who has been teaching the Kapa Haka group has been writing new waiatas for use. The Kapa Haka group learn't one of them an it is called Nga Waka, it is very similar to the other Nga Waka but different.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Westlake Boys High School.

Recently Westlake boys High School has been featured in the news why? Measles have affected 20 students at the all boys school. More than 750 students at the school have been warned about having it. It also has been said by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service it expects more cases from the North Shore schools.