Sunday, July 21, 2013

Missing Son ( Part 2 )

After a long day at school, Drake came home looking forward to going, to his siblings birthday part ( Vanessa ). Walking into the house, he felt that he needed to go for a walk.  Without, telling his mother he set of, and that's when all the drama began! "Hey sweetie, grab a chocolate" As he walked to grab the chocolate, the unknown person, pulled him into the car." Help" he shouted " No one can hear you sweetie" "So don't bother screaming", the voice said

Pulling, him into the car, a local lady, biking near by heard the scream, and ran to where he thought the scream was coming from. Getting there he made eye contact with drake. "Hey, your the little boy that's missing" he shouted,   but with just a blink, the car was gone!

Grabbing, her bike, he chased after the car! After a hour of chasing the car, the anonymous  person decided that it was time to let Drake out. After letting drake out, Drake turned back, ASAP to see who the anonymous person was. Turning back, the car had already gone of!

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