Sunday, January 12, 2014


"AHHHH". My ears could hear echoing noises of people screaming, when the thriller ride ( The Fear Fall ) went down in a blink of an eye.  Shivering with anticipation as I was waiting in the long queue full of people, ready to go on the thriller ride. I gulped as the instructor sent me to my seat along with my friends. If you didn't know already, My mother, some of my friends from school and I went along to NZ's Premier Theme Park, Rainbows End. The lady instructed us to put on our seatbelts. She did last minuet checks and before I knew it we were, more that 100 ft off the ground. "Zoooomm". The fear fall drooped straight down. My hart was beating faster and faster, until the fear fall stopped just metres of the ground. I blew out my breath in relief as we were finally of this daunting ride.

I walked off the fear fall dizzy. In the corner of my eye, my attention was caught on the Family Karts. "Wahhh" I said. I ran to the line, unnoticeable there was no one else in the line. Running towards the kart, we hoped in and fasten our seatbelt. "1, 2, 3, GO!" the instructor yelled. My kart went zooming down the track, just about to overtake the kart in front of me until I saw the sign "No Overtaking". I stood on the brake, and the kart stooped just a inch from the kart in front of me. The final lap was coming to an end. We parked our cars in the driveway where the kart's were parked in the beginning.

Running past the log flume I set foot onto the invader with Sela and Rave. Just like the fear fall, the inspector made a last inspection to see weather our seatbelts were fasten properly. The invader started of slowly then as we approached the bump it started going faster. "WOOHO" I said in amazement. The rider was cooler than I expected. Thinking that we were going to fall of we survived. I got of and yet again I was dizzy,

It was 5pm in the afternoon and fun was just begging. All of the rides I went on during my time at Rainbows End was the Roller-coaster, Invader, Log Flume, Scorpion and Family Karts, Fear Fall,  Bumper Boats and Cars, and Goldrush, My favourite ride has to be the fear fall and the rollercoaster. I had a great time, and hopefully if I am lucky, I can go there again! We came home at 9:00.  


  1. Hello Lesieli,

    I very much enjoyed reading about your trip to Rainbow's End - it is a long time since I have been there myself and it sounds like an exciting place that I must check out!

    Looks like you have been having a great holiday with your friends and family. Look forward to seeing you back at school soon,

    From Jenny Oxley, Manaiakalani Education Trust

  2. Wow! Lesieli,
    I can see you had fun at Rainsbow End with your friends Sela and Rave. Happy New Year and I am so sorry about your lost.

    From Quasia