Monday, July 1, 2013

Kelly Tarlton's Trip

This year our School are Investigating! And team 4 are investigating Antarctica! And as part of that, our teacher paired up with Kelly Tarlton's Staff, and gave us kids, the opportunity to investigate Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life!

Arriving at 8:22, I noticed my friend “Rave, Rave” I shouted. Running to her, I saw that the buses hadn't arrived it, “Can you believe it” “ I arrived earlier that Mr S and the Bus” Rave said. Walking to the classroom I saw that it was our teacher Mr S who opened the door. “So Rave” I said “Who opened the door” I asked “Mr S” she whispered!

Hopping into the bus, we raced to the very back. “ Josephine, Quasia and Rave, Come sit here” I shouted, Sitting in our pairs, we saw that Mr S, was sitting right next to us. Making jokes, and singing we thought, that there was a still long way to go but “HHHHHHH” went the bus, “ Were here now” Mr S said.

Getting of the bus, I started walking, as I was walking, I looked down, and saw the lovely footprint’s of Penguins. “ This way, This way” said one of the staff members, getting into the entrance, it felt like we were actually under water!

To Be Continued......... Part 2 will be uploaded with Photos! 

Thanks to Josephine for checking my Work!

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