Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Josephine! Part 2

When we were in the car, I gave her, her present. Giving, her present, she noticed, that there was a huge Bow!!! "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" she shouted, "Why you shouting for"? I asked "Well, because You gave me bow" "And, bows are my favourite". 

Getting to Sylvia Park  we quickly ran to the Hoyts, to book our movie. Getting there, we noticed that Despicable Me 2 already started! "Orggg" I said, Looking at the movie list, we decided that it was a good ideal to watch, Monsters University 3D.

Booking the ticket, we saw that the movie, is starting at 5:30! "Great!"  "That's enough time to go see my aunty Selu, and to get changed" Josephine said. Running to the car, we were on our way! "So girls, where's our first stop" Lesley asked ( < Josephine's Mother ) "Aunty Selu, Aunty Selu" Josephine yelled!

Getting to the Panmure, funeral service we saw that Selu's daughters, we still getting her changed! Walking to the waiting area, we saw all the family. "This looks a bit like a family Reunion" I whispered! Getting, into the family room, I saw some of my own cousins! As the day went past the time was running! "Mummmmm" yelled Josephine "We need, to go and get Lesieli changed"

To Be Continued! 

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