Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Missing Son ( Narrative ) Part 1

The 10th of September 1994, was the most hardest day for the, Mergenc family. On the 10th of September 2004, at exactly 12.00 o'clock in the afternoon, the son of Jane and David, was declared MISSING. "All I want is just for him to come home" Jane cried out.    Drake, was the youngest out of 5 children. His father called him the "Dad" of the family, due to his maturnis.

After a long day at school, Drake came home looking forward to going, to his sibling's birthday part ( Vanessa ). Walking into the house, he felt that he needed to go for a walk.  Without, telling his mother he set of, and that's when all the drama began! "Hey sweetie, grab a chocolate" As he walked to grab the chocolate, the unknown person, pulled him into the car. "Now your coming with me" the unknown person said.......

To Be Continued.........

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