Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What A wonder???

It's amazing, it has everything you need and it's is so addicting! Can you guess what I'm talking about. With no explaining on what I'm talking about, I will make make you figure it out!! With just saying Take a photo it automatically does that. Do you get lost on the road? Well with just flick of your hand this amazing stuff will tell you the directions! It costs 1,500 dollars, and it has only just came out!!

Leave me feedback on what you think it is, and I will get back to you with the right answers. Who ever gets the correct answer they win a Chocolate bar!!! So get Googling people!! And I will get back to you in a weeks time!!  By the way, I have the privilege of speaking to the Google Visitors about this, and asking questions about it!!

PS: Only for kids, and NO ambassadors!!! sorry teachers!! 

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