Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Netball Game!!

"Pass, Pass, Pass" I yelled! It was another Netball Day for us, and we were all happy. We first started by doing some warm-ups, after doing warm-ups we found out that Sarah, (Team Player) came with Purple ribbons. After Sarah, gave out all her ribbons, the team all looked at me, "Hi, Lesieli" Ana said to me "Can you do my hair" she asked, "Sure" I replied, Doing her hair I saw her hair, was so long, so I decide to do a bun!!!!! Making a bun, I wrapped the ribbon, around her hair, I then made bunny ears. 

When we got to the court it was time to put our serious face's, "BEEP" went the buzzer, "AAHHH" we all screamed, Making our way onto our court, we saw the other team were all prepared, "10 flavhaz on three" we shouted "123" "10 Flavhz" we yelled. "Beeeeeeppp" went buzzer. "Pass pass" I yelled, getting the ball into my hand, I knew for sure we were going to win!!!

With all the hard work the girls, did our team won 6-4 and that is such a good score!!

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