Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Google Visitors!!!

Today my Friends and I, had the privilege to talk to two, crucial members of GOOGLE!!! And it was such a amazing chance. First started by talking to them about ourselves, we then told about our school and about all the digital learning we do. 

After talking to them about that, it was time to tell them what has been going on thought out the terms! I was talking about one of our topic's which was called "Art Alive", after saying my Art Alive speech, I had the the chance to share, my movie that I made, to show my understanding of what our topic was!!! 

Our school, also has the chance, to get filmed, and put on YouTube!!! Isn't that AMAZING!!!     



  1. I wish I got to talk to them

  2. Hi Lesieli,

    What a great post you have done. I loved how you welcomed them in public, I also like you image as well.

    Keep it up!