Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I would like, to take this opportunity, to say Sorry to our teacher ( Mr Somerville ). Sadly, on friday, Mr Somerville, got told, that one of the most crucial members in there family, passed. And it was so, hart-breaking. I'm just writing, this to say, that our thought's and prayers, are with you family Mr S, andwhatever happens, Room 16 will always be there for you!! 

Love from Room 16 and Teacher. 
Rest In Peace. With sympathy  </3 


  1. Thank you for this awesome post Lesieli, you are a sweet heart! This means a lot to me and my family. So much so, I have shared this with them. I am looking forward to being back at school with my Pt England family!

  2. Hi Lesieli. This is Kent's sister, Ngaire. Thank you very much for your heart felt words. This is a very kind post! We really appreciate your thoughts and prayers!

  3. Hi Leseili. Thank you for taking the time to write such very kind & loving words. I am very happy to know that Room 16 at Pt. England School has wonderful students like you since Mr Somerville is my son. I know he loves being your teacher & is proud of you all. From Mr Somerville (Senior).

  4. Hello Somerville Family,

    First, I would like to say Thank You, for the lovely comments. I am really sad to hear, what happened. I loved reading all the Comment's. Mr Somerville ( Junior ) has been telling us about you Ngaire, he told us that you are a Teacher and you teach at a awesome place! Anyway, thanks for the comment, and remember that Room 16 will always be there for you guys! We are your Pt England Family! :)