Sunday, June 16, 2013

My New Hairstyle!!!

Last night I stayed up, looking for a new hairstyle, and by a long way, this hairstyle caught my eyes. It was called the Ashley Tonga Wrap!!! Grabbing the towel, I wrapped it around by hair, Look and the photo!!!  


  1. Wow lesieli I like your new hairstyle. It looks great on you and it dose look like Ashley Tonga wrap. Well lesieli keep up the good hairstyle and the work.I hope to see more from you

  2. Lesieli, you keep me laughing! I am a fan of the Ashley Tonga wrap on you more than on her :)

    You would need a red and black one to wear it to school though

    Mrs Burt

  3. Talofa Lava Eli,
    I really love the new hair style. By the way is that a towel, hehehehe because I can't stop laughing. Also I love the PJs. They look like a whole body covered 1. By the way wish I had 1 like yours.