Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Ezy&Ethan!

I would love to say a huge huge Happy Birthday, to my two little monkeys Ezy and Ethan. Today we celebrated my little nephews birthday, at Happy Days, and it was such good fun! We first started by going to Chipmunks, so that the little ones can play, we then went to my sisters house to cut the cake, after eating all the cake, we told everyone to met us at the Pakuraga Happy Days.

At Happy Days, I was welcoming everyone, what we first did, was that we let the people get there food first, and then come and sit down! After everyone got there food, it time for the twins to do there little dance, that we were all waiting for. "Why is there so many people" said Ethan to me.

As the two twins made there birthday possible, it was sadly time to leave!

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  1. WOW lesieli,

    i think this is a Really great blog post. You had said so much information and all of you paragraphs had one main idea, and your nephews look so cute. Well Done and Keep Up the Good Work.

    Rave :)