Monday, March 12, 2012

Rave's Birthday

Wow what a amazing day going to Assembly and then coming back and having a delicious cupcake .  

Are you wondering why we had this delicious cupcake? well it was because It was Rave’s Birthday. As I entered the classroom the smell of chocolate came sniffing up my noise “Mmmmmmm” I said .

Walking around the classroom you can tell that many people has had one . “Yummm” As I said in my head . When I walked over to Rave’s mum she gave me a cup cake and a Fruit kebab, When I ate it . I felt like I was in wonderland, it was really yumm and it was made by Rave’s mum, but the Icing was Brought from the shop .   

I felt like I was in wonderland when I was eating the Chocolate Cup cake . When I ate The Fruit Kebabs I felt like I was actually a fruit! But I was not I was just a Personl .

The day was such a cool wonderful day, but the good thing is that I got Two because I was Rave’s Best Friend.

The day ended in Peace I had a good day and the good thing about it was that I got two and it was yummy . When I had lunch I did not want to have my lunch because my stomach was full with great and yummy Treats . I would like to thank Rave’s Parents for that yummy treat and for the Fruit Kebabs . . . Thank you very much!     

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  1. Hi Lesieli,

    It sounds like you had a cool time at Rave's Birthday. My favourite part in your story was when you said 'As I entered the classroom the smell of chocolate came sniffing up my noise' the was the best sentence. Maybe next time you could try to stop repeating things. But aopart from that your story was great!
    Keep up the great work,