Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Vision Board Goals

My Vision Board Goals

1. Sports : My goal for sports is to be better at moving around on the court at netball so I can get player of the day .

2. School : Everyday I want to come to school so I can have 100% attendance and at the end of the year I want to get an award .

3. Friends : I want to be a better person or a better Friend to other’s . and treat them like a brother or a sister .

4. Maths : For maths I want to become better at my time table’s so I can achieve what I have been working for .

5. Healthy Body : I want to be a healthy at school and be lunch box hero every Friday .

6. Writing : I want to be better and better at writing so I can have a better life and a better education .

7. Reading : My goal for reading is to be better at my reading and read at a age of 12 .

8. Family : For my family I want to listen to my mum and dad and not talk back to her because or I  mite get a smack . 

My happy word’s


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