Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp 2012

Camp Day 1 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

“Here here a clue" I said to my team . “Where where?" said Latia ... Running across the field I saw a clue. When we got to the side where the clue was, it said 'Solve the puzzle'. Its is on the way to the reserve on the big gum tree. As soon as we found the the clue we ran to the tree picked 2 gum leaves and gave it to Mr Sommerville . We were right Woohoo. Our next clue said "Its a place kids don't like to go to" “ Dental clinic" I said.

Giggling and munching, me and my friend heard some strange noises. Hearing fake coughing, me and my Buddy started to laugh. "Stop laughing" I heard "sorry" said my team mate . Sitting in the tent I saw a strange light, "sleep" I said to myself. Holding to go to the loo, I could not sleep . "Do you need to go to the toilet?" the security's asked me, "Yes I do ", " well then come on out, " OK ". Waiting for a long time I finally got to go to the loo. When I went into my tent me and my friend started giggling again.When we went to sleep I know it wasn't time for giggling but I still did.

" Watch out Rayleen " "AHHHH" she said I don't know were we a going . Paddling and splashing me and my partner were having fun on our Kayak . Losing control we were scared " what we gonna do " I asked " I don't know " Replied Rayleen . Working as a team me and Rayleen managed to get back to where we were . " Nice job girl " Said Miss King . After that me and my Buddy went for a little swim while they were Kayaking .

Walking to the kitchen you can smell the taste of homemade cookies . " Come in girls " Mrs Jarman said . "Mmmm yum" I said " Are we gonna eat Mrs Jarmen " I asked " NO " but it the opposite " No " I said a we cooking . " Ahhh man " I said . Getting ready in my group I asked "Can I do the mixing first " "yeah" sure " Thanks I said .

Overall , I really liked camp. Kayaking was my favourite part, especially bumping in to the other boats. One of my favorite things to do in night was to make silly noises and get in trouble . But anyway, it was still fun . Camp cooking was fun. The thing I didn't like was that we didn't get to eat it the food, we had to wait until afternoon tea but it was still cool!

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