Friday, March 9, 2012

Blindfold Experience

Walking along the Breeze you could hear the laughter of enjoyment . As I entered the hall a loud scream of laughter came shooting out my ear. “What a joy” I said. Walking past my teacher I asked her “excuse me Miss Ouano Um what a we doing “ I asked . My teacher replied to me “We a doing a Blindfold Experience “ “Cool “ I answered back . 

Walking around the hall you can tell that many people has had a turn , “Lesieli “ I heard “It is  your turn “ What" I said. As I walked to my partner I realized that I have been in my own little world of Darkness . 

“Get ready” my partner said .“Step” as my partner said , Walk , run crawl “now its time to take 4 steps onto the stage “ “oho” I said this is going to be dangerous as I was about to walk I straight felt a push “BOOM” and there she goes “WOW” I said that sure was a scary Experience . Now it you're turn to get blindfolded  Partner.

When it was my partner is turn I was the one that she trusted . That's why she chose me to be her partner . When we began I told my partner to “Step” so she step when she stepped she said that she felt like she was flying but actually she was just standing on the balancing table. When that tasks was finished she had a big push off the stage just like I did but instead she fell on her head and hurt herself but she’s OK now.

At the end of our Blind Fold Experience we all had fun. When it was time to go we all said “NO”, but too bad we had to go and that was the end of our day . Our day was so fun and cooool just like i said at the first part of the story it was cool .


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