Monday, March 26, 2012

( Oktapodi ) Octopus

Wow what a nice animated short Film. Today in class we watched a short Film called Oktapodi. This movie was made in a Village in Greece. It was made by some French University kids. Room 14 were so amazed with the graphics.

The main characters were the two Octopus and the chef that worked for a
restaurant. The Octopus were two kinds one was a male Octopus and the other was female Octopus.   

The main idea of the story was to help one another. When they need a hand you should always give them a hand.

My Favourite part of the story was when the female Octopus did a sling shot just to save her loved one. They were so adorable.

I will recommend this film because it shows you how to help people. It is also a great lesson for people to not separate Octopus that a madly in love.     


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