Monday, March 5, 2012

Great things take time !

       Great things take time

Great things take time , In the future I want to be a good Shot putter just like Valery Adam's.  In order to achieve my goals I would have to learn more.  Practice,  practice, practice  makes you perfect .  

Do you know an author that has sold over 450million book’s ? Well if you don’t know who that person is I am about to tell you .

J.K Rowling the author of Harry potter and the chamber of secrets has sold more then 450 million copies,  wow that's a lot . It has taken J.K Rowling more then 5 YEARS to make one single book. Wow that’s sure  is a lot of years . If you are writing a story here a some tips to make it perfect . First tip : Always proof read ,  Tip2 : Check spelling and last but not least : Always check with the teacher before you put it into your blog!

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