Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fia Fia PART 2

Part 2

Making our way onto the netball courts, we saw all the other culture groups in there uniforms. We arrived 2nd and we sat a the very front on the right side. While we were waiting it was getting kind of chilly so we grabbed our jumpers and wrapped it around us. A the clock hit 7.00 pm it was time to put our serious faces on.

The first group to perform was the senior and junior ponamui group. As they were getting ready to get of the stage some, teenagers came up to the front and did some kind of dance to show there respect to the ponamui group.

Then we had our MC come out. Our MCS for that night was Vivienne and Gabriel. That night was SO so awesome and I enjoyed it. At the end I had to run to room 1 because I forgot that we were singing.

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