Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting Ready For Fia FIa

As you all know Pt England school is having their FIA FIA night next week. And the Hawaiian group are very lucky to have three special teachers who are Mrs Kirkwood, Miss Ouano and Miss Edie, that help us Improve in our movements.

The song that we are dancing to is He Mele No Lilo, it is a Animated series from the program Lilo and Stitch. The song includes words from the beautiful land of Hawaii. My favourite part of the dance is the Apple Catch.

Sometimes through the dance our little girls get lost, but most of the times
they are able to work without needing help. Just mentioning this I am not a
Hawaiian I am a a Togan

Thanks to Mrs Kirkwood, Miss Ouano and Miss Edie for teaching us this amazing dance.

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