Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Birthday Pillow

The Birthday Pillow.

By : Lino Nelisi

Main Characters:
Aiani - Is a young girl who cares about other people. And tonight is her Nena Birthday, as she lays down to sleep she can’t go sleep as she is thinking out what to give her Nena.

Fane - Is Aiani’s cousin and she is helping Aiani to make Nena her Birthday Pillow, out of Kapok.

The setting is base in Niue, and there are lots of Nature around where they live, There is a Tree called Kapok

Aiani’s Holiday is nearly over and it nearly time to go back home,

But something is bothering her. Tomorrow is her Nana's Birthday and she doesn't know what to give her.

In the Morning Aiani wakes up early and Walks across to her cousins house Fane to ask if she has any Ideals. As she was walking to her cousins house Fane came out and lead her to a Tree with white Buds on it. “ See this tree ” said Fane “ Yes ” said Aiani. What do we do with is she asked “ We pick it up ” said Fane.

As Aiani was picking up the buds she asked what they were going to do with it “ We are going to make A pillow out of it ” as Fane was sewing the pillow Aiani herd nena telling her to come and Eat. Walking slowly into she said Happy Birthday Nena and she gave her the Pillow

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  1. Hey Lesieli,
    This sounds like an interesting read. I hope that I get the chance to read this book later on in life. Luckily for Aiana, Fane had an idea to make a pillow out of the buds. Anyway, I can't wait to read another post. Keep up the great work!!!