Monday, April 15, 2013

Elephant Narritive

On a cold New Years eve, Jimmy and Daisy couldn't wait to wake up. So they decide to do all nighters. Telling scary stories, and eating Pop corn they noticed that the clock hit 12 o’clock, “ Happy New Years “ Mum and Dad shouted. As they were laying in there bed they remembered that they still haven't opened their present, So they ran to the Christmas Tree.

Jimmy opened his present first, He got a Pair of Expensive Sneakers, Candy, Clothes and he got a toy Elephant, that was pretty odd, Thinking of what to do with the Elephant he noticed that it was moving, So he throw it up onto the Electric line.

Walking back inside it was time for Daisy to open her Present, In her gift she got a Pair of Clean Boots, Clothes, and Accessories. Right at the bottom of her gift she noticed that there was a letter in the letter it said. “ Dear Jimmy and Daisy, Please take good care of my Elephant” From Aunty Brook.

“ Ohh Ohh” I think that we just throw Aunties Elephant up onto the Electric Line. Trying and Trying they Managed to get the Fire Engine to get the Elephant down. “Hello my dear Darlings” said Brook “Um Hi Aunty” “So where is my little Elephant” “ Um Aunty we got it stuck in the wire line” “ Oh its okay” said Brook.

In the end they managed to get the elephant down, By calling the fire truck.

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